If Kirby manages to copy two Special Powers at the same time, he gains a powerful ability called a Power Combo. Combine different Special Powers for entirely different Power Combos, or combine two of the same Special Powers for a super-powered version of that ability!
— Power Combos • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Instruction Booklet

Power Combos are powers Kirby can obtain by combining two Copy Abilities. They only appear in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.


Special Power Fire icon.gif Stone icon64.gif Ice icon64.gif Needle icon64.gif Bomb icon64.gif Spark icon64.gif Cutter icon64.gif
Fire icon.gif Burn + Burn Burn + Stone Burn + Ice Burn + Needle Burn + Bomb Burn + Spark Burn + Cutter
Stone icon64.gif Burn + Stone Stone + Stone Stone + Ice Stone + Needle Stone + Bomb Stone + Spark Stone + Cutter
Ice icon64.gif Burn + Ice Stone + Ice Ice + Ice Ice + Needle Ice + Bomb Ice + Spark Ice + Cutter
Needle icon64.gif Burn + Needle Stone + Needle Ice + Needle Needle + Needle Needle + Bomb Needle + Spark Needle + Cutter
Bomb icon64.gif Burn + Bomb Stone + Bomb Ice + Bomb Needle + Bomb Bomb + Bomb Bomb + Spark Bomb + Cutter
Spark icon64.gif Burn + Spark Stone + Spark Ice + Spark Needle + Spark Bomb + Spark Spark + Spark Spark + Cutter
Cutter icon64.gif Burn + Cutter Stone + Cutter Ice + Cutter Needle + Cutter Bomb + Cutter Spark + Cutter Cutter + Cutter

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Once you have one special power, you'll be able to mix it with another power-up to boost your abilities. Hit L, R or any C Button to spit up your current power, which will appear as a star. Hurl it at another enemy with special powers, then swallow the new, more powerful star that appears.
— Power Combos • Nintendo Power


  • Kirby: Squeak Squad and Kirby Star Allies have game mechanics similar to that of Power Combos:
    • In Kirby: Squeak Squad, obtaining the Ability Scroll for Sword or Bomb allows either to be mixed with Ice or Spark (as well as Fire in Sword's case) to create elementally-enhanced versions of the ability. This is usually accomplished by mixing ability bubbles.
    • In Kirby Star Allies, various Friend Abilities also allow a Copy Ability to be elementally enhanced, this time also including water and wind elements. Certain Friend Abilities also resemble Power Combos, most notably Stone's Curling Friend Abilities.


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