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Ice Kirby 2
Similar to Freeze, Ice lets Kirby breathe a cone of frigid air to freeze individual enemies into ice blocks , which explode shortly or can be kicked and used as projectiles against the others. Similar to Fire, it is introduced as early as Kirby's Adventure, with similar basic mechanics and offensive potential. Ice Kirby wears a crystalline crown with an orange or blue jewel and gold mounting, and turns a bluish hue.
KEY Zeke
Zeke is the tenant in Apartment 101 in Dom Woole's apartment building in Quilty Square of Patch Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn. He offers hide-and-seek minigames, after Kirby decorates his room with the appropriate furniture obtained from the various Treasure chests in the game. Like all the other tenants, he sometimes visits Kirby in Kirby's Pad, and he offers a secret fabric after all his minigames and the main story has been completed.
KSA Bugzzy artwork
Bugzzy is a Mid-boss and sometimes a Helper in several of the Kirby games. He is known for giving the highly melee-oriented Backdrop and Suplex Copy Abilities. In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Bugzzy is a Demon Beast specializing in melee dueling, ordered by King Dedede. He gives the Sword ability in the anime.
Kirby's Epic Yarn: Snow Land
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Snow Land music in Kirby's Epic Yarn
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