Kirby Wiki's Current Priorities

There's always a lot of general wiki work to be done: proofreading articles for grammar, clarity, and accuracy, adding details, providing references where needed, and other tasks. But there are also certain projects that are important right now, whether it's about an upcoming game or a change in Kirby Wiki's policies that's recently been made. So if you're a new editor looking to help out for the first time and want somewhere to start, or if you just need an idea of some things you can do, here are Kirby Wiki's current priorities:

  • Upon the release of the third wave of Kirby Star Allies DLC, create and improve on articles for new modes, enemies, bosses, locations, and items. This includes checking for accuracy, improving the quality of the writing, adding details, and adding screenshots.
  • Complete the stage overviews for Kirby Star Allies stages that still need to be completed. Each stage overview should be detailed enough to provide relevant information, while keeping in mind that if it's too detailed, it will be difficult to read through. Stage overviews should explain the general layout of the stage, the main obstacles, the location of the Rare Picture Piece and the big switch (if applicable), and any mid-bosses or bosses.
  • Complete the stage overviews for Kirby's Epic Yarn stages that still need to be completed, in preparation for the release of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. Just like Kirby Star Allies stage overviews, Kirby's Epic Yarn stage overviews should be detailed without being too detailed. Each stage overview should explain the general theme and layout of the level, the important obstacles, the location of the Star Patches, furniture, and CD, and the Metamortex section of the stage, if applicable.

This is the starting point for editors with something to say about Kirby. All pages can be edited, and you are very welcome to join us and contribute to this wiki. If there are any questions at all, simply ask one of Kirby Wiki's administrators.

Depending on what you wish to do, you might want to have a look at:

If you're new
Claim an Article
  • In order to ensure articles are of high quality on their first draft, users are allowed to claim articles for their creation. Place your claim on articles at Kirby Wiki:Claimed Articles.
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