Allies and Playable Characters
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Allies are anyone who helps Kirby on his adventures. Some allies have redeemed themselves and become friends with Kirby after their evil deeds, while others have been friends with him to begin with. Some allies are also playable in various games.

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Sometimes more than one Kirby is seen simultaneously. Kirby was split into four separate beings by Dark Meta Knight in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and two in The Fofa Factor, by Slice n' Splice. In Kirby Mass Attack, Kirby was split into ten smaller versions of himself. In Kirby Battle Royale, King Dedede’s Kirby Printer creates a multitude of clones of Kirby. Sometimes, multiple Kirbys appear without an explanation, leading to a conclusion that Kirbys are a species. In the Super Smash Bros. series, different players can play as Kirby simultaneously and perform a palette swap (color change) so the characters look different from one another.

Keeby is identical to Kirby apart from color, and has only appeared in Kirby's Dream Course. It is not known whether Keeby is Yellow Kirby.

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Animal Friends
Animal Friends 1

Animal Friends are allies first appearing in Kirby's Dream Land 2 who assist Kirby with puzzle-solving or by making use of his Copy Abilities in certain ways. Gooey, who is seen to Kirby’s left, is not part of the group.

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First featured in Kirby Super Star, Kirby can forfeit further use of his current Copy Ability by summoning a Helper, which usually has similar abilities. In Kirby Star Allies, Helpers are now known as “Friends” and can be created by throwing a Friend Heart at an enemy. Special Friends, known as Dream Friends, can also be summoned using the Dream Rod to tag along.

See Helper article for list of Helpers

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KEY Mara
Mara is the tenant in Apartment 302 in Dom Woole's apartment building in Quilty Square of Patch Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn. She offers minigames where Kirby has to race her to a location before she does, after Kirby decorates her room with the appropriate furniture obtained from the various Treasure chests in the game. Like all the other tenants, she sometimes visits Kirby in Kirby's Pad, and she offers a secret fabric after all her minigames and the main story has been completed.

Villains and Enemies

SKC Nightmare

Villains are plot-centric characters who are the masterminds behind the events of the story of the games they appear in and fight against Kirby and company. Most villains don’t have any reasoning for their actions other than being evil, while others are given sometimes tragic backstories as to why they act this way.

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Monsters are evil creatures seen in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, created by Nightmare to take over the known universe.

Nightmare's operations are funded by his sales team including N.M.E. Sales Guy, his No.2 and right-hand man, who makes Nightmare Enterprises a hefty profit from selling Monsters to clients for their own needs.

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Most of the time, enemies in the Kirby series refer to regular enemies. These are any common characters hostile towards Kirby and have less-than-significant role in the plot.

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Enemies by threat: Regular enemy | Large enemy | Mid-boss | Boss | Final Boss

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Marx small SSBU
Marx (also known as Maruku or Mark) is a final boss of Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. He asked Kirby to intervene when the Sun and Moon of Pop Star started fighting each other. Kirby harnesses the power of the Fountain of Dreams of nearby planets to summon Nova, who can grant wishes and end the fighting. When Nova was summoned, however, Marx knocked Kirby away and wished for complete control over Pop Star instead, and confessed that he made the Sun and Moon fight with each other in the first place. When he was defeated by Kirby, he crashed into Nova and was presumed to have perished, until he was seen again as Marx Soul in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Special Characters

The Kirby series is not known for its deep characters, but there are special ones just the same. These are characters who have strong and complicated connections with Kirby, or are neutral and defy classification into pure good or evil.


The slightly greedy, lazy, self-proclaimed king of Dream Land. He is Kirby’s arch-rival, leading some to believe that he is the main antagonist of the series. While he does have his fair share of evil deeds, King Dedede has gradually evolved as a character and has left behind his past with Kirby as his arch-nemesis, now having a (mostly) friendly rivalry with him. Most of the fights he had with Kirby were either misunderstandings or times when he was taken control of, however, some fights and actions were on his own accord, such as when he stole all of the food in Dream Land, or tried to humiliate Kirby in a tournament. Nevertheless, King Dedede has proved his worth when it came to facing off against evil beings alongside Kirby.


A solitary, stoic, and honorable character, Meta Knight is the mysterious rival of Kirby that everyone has come to know. With his masterful swordsmanship and unpredictable techniques, Meta Knight is a force to be reckoned with. While he may have had a somewhat rocky start with Kirby in the past, the two of them have gotten on much better terms and enjoy a friendly rivalry now and then, with Meta Knight making a worthy ally when things go awry. Under his mask, he bears a familiar face to the namesake hero himself, but one could wonder what their true connection really is.


Galactic Nova is a giant clockwork comet in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is summoned by the power of the Fountains of Dreams in the various planets near Planet Popstar, and has the ability to grant a wish. Galactic Nova will do whatever it takes to make that wish come true, whether it be a wish of good or evil will. Who it grants the wish to is not fixed, however, and Marx took advantage of that to wish for control over Planet Popstar.

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