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Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is known as 星のカービィ, or Hoshi no Kābī in Japan, which translates to Kirby of the Stars. The story borrows premises and concepts from the preceding games.

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It follows the events after Kirby's space ship crash-lands on Dream Land after a premature warp from detecting monsters in Dedede's castle. Things are far from simple, however, as the monsters are part of Nightmare's agenda for taking over the known universe.

First aired in 2001 in Japan and adapted and aired in English for 4Kids starting on September 14, 2002, it numbers 100 regular episodes plus an 8-minute Wii-Japan-exclusive short. This short was introduced to the 3DS in America in 2012.

PilotTiff Kirby of the Stars Pilot is the prototype pilot project of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It has never been aired, but was released on a special-issue Kirby DVD along with a popular game magazine to celebrate the release of Kirby Air Ride in Japan.

The material is unvoiced, and characters look less refined than the final release. It is a study of the 2D and 3D elements to be used in the main project.

Condensed story browsing table in Japanese episode ordering. For main searchable (text-only) reference table see here.
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J# E# 4Kids Title Abstract Ability Guest Char Monster
1 1 Kirby Comes to Cappy Town Kirby crashes into Cappy Town after his spaceship detects monsters in Castle Dedede HnK Fire None Octagon
2 2 A Blockbuster Battle Tiff helps Kirby to find a home and his place in Cappy Town, but King Dedede wants Kirby gone more than anything StoneAnime Rick Blocky Anime
3 3 Kirby's Duel Role King Dedede uses Meta Knight to reveal Kirby's weakness in sword-dueling, then sends Bugzzy after him. Swordkirby2 None HnK Bugzzy
4 4 Dark and Stormy Knight Kirby faces off against the legendary Kracko Swordkirby2 None HnK Kracko
5 5 Beware: Whispy Woods! A misunderstood campfire pits Kirby against Whispy Woods None HnK WhispyWoods None
6 6 Un-Reality TV Dedede pulls off a large-scale hoax through Channel DDD to give the impression that Cappy Town is under attack None None HnK Umiushii
7 7 Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure King Dedede tricks Kirby into messing with Dyna Blade's egg None Dyna1

Dyna Chick

8 8 Curio's Curious Discovery King Dedede tries to fake the proof his "Royal" ancestry with the help of Professor Curio StoneAnime None Dddstone
9 9 The Fofa Factor Lololo and Lalala's origins are revealed HnK Cutter 2 Fofaofficial HnK SlicenSplice
10 10 Hail to the Chief Tuff and gang help Chief Bookem regain confidence in his police duty None None None
11 11 The Big Taste Test Chef Shiitake comes to visit, but is he really who he says he is? Kirby ends up on the dinner plate! HnK Cook Oosaka Popon the anime edition
12 13 Escargoon Squad Escargoon gets his payback against Dedede by means of a haunt, but Nightmare Enterprises has other things to say about it. None None
13 29 Cappy New Year Cappy Town welcomes the New Year. Fireworks usually light up the sky but King Dedede has other plans for it HnK Fire

HnK Parasol

Dyna1 Sasuke Anime
14 14 The Pillow Case King Dedede decides to give out free pillows, but he is always up to something None None HnK Noddy
15 12 Kirby's Pet Peeve Kirby gets an adorable pet, but something just doesn't seem right about it None Robodog None
16 15 A Fish Called Kine A tale of Little Mermaid, but only in reverse. Kine gets smitten by Tiff. HnK Tornado 2 Kine Anime None
17 94 The Thing About the Ring Sir Ebrum loses a precious ring before his anniversary, but it's worth far more than he previously thought None None Noseman
18 16 Flower Power Kirby is going to sleep for 100 years, unless Tuff corrects his mistake and finds the cure for it HnK Needle


None HnK Noddy


19 17 Here Comes the Son A vengeful Knuckle Joe comes knocking. Is he friend or foe? HnK Fighter

HnK Needle

Knuckle Joe anime art

Joe's dad art

Knuckle Joe anime art
20 18 Dedede's Snow Job King Dedede can't stand the heat, and turns summer into winter, but things are not always so simple HnK Ice 2 Chillykirbyrightbackatya2 HnK BabyIceDragon
21 19 A Princess in Dis-Dress A royal princess comes to visit, Dedede becomes lovestruck, and there is something amiss about the captain of her guard Swordkirby2 -rona

-vee Rona's Dad

22 20 Island of the Lost Warrior Kirby meets a stranded Kit Cosmos, veteran of a war long past HnK Tornado 2 HnK Kit Cosmos artwork HnK Tornadon artwork
23 21 The Empty Nest Mess Escargoon mixes up a potent insta-monster mixture, and plots with Dedede to turn Dyna Chick into a monster None Dyna1

Dyna Chick

S1e21 14
24 22 Ninja Binge Professor Curio unearths an ancient ninja scroll, but Benikage steals it from him HnK Ninja HnK Benikage HnK Yamikage
25 23 Like Mother, Like Snail / Escargoon Rules Escargoon's mother comes to visit. Escargoon gets different treatment for a change HnK Parasol Escargoons mom Drifter
26 24 Hour of the WolfWrath Sword Knight and Blade Knight's origins revealed None None Wolfwrath
27 25 The Flower Plot Whispy Woods falls in love, but Nightmare Enterprises has other plans for his Lovely HnK Cutter 2 HnK WhispyWoods Lovely Anime
28 26 Labor Daze Dedede puts everyone to work with free perks and merchandise, but what are they working on? HnK Ice 2 None Labor Daze
29 27 The Hot Shot Chef / A Spice Odyssey Kawasaki and Monsieur Goan take spiciness to the extreme, but Goan has more malevolent intent behind his offering of soothing sorbet HnK Cook None Goan 1
30 28 Hatch Me if You Can Kirby becomes parent for a day, but the "real" parent has something else to say about it HnK Fire Galbo 2 Galbo 2
31 30 Abusement Park Dedede opens an amusement park, with extra kick to the rides HnK Mike None KRBaY Walky
32 95 A Dental Dilemma Toothaches galore, and a dentist monster. Sweets and tooth decay are the enemies HnK Tornado 2 None Hardy
33 34 Junk Jam Customer Service gets back at King Dedede's mountainous debt by making Cappy Town an equally mountainous mound of rubbish HnK Fire The Three Aliens HnK FireLion
34 33 A Recipe for Disaster Chef Shiitake returns, with a score to settle with Chef Kawasaki HnK Cook Oosaka Cobgoblin2
35 31 The Kirby Derby - Part I Dedede sponsors a Grand Prix in Cappy Town None None DDDLimo
36 32 The Kirby Derby - Part II HnK Wheel None DDDLimo
37 35 Watermelon Felon Tiff tries to prove Kirby innocent after Dedede tricks him into eating the Cappies' watermelons None None None
38 44 A Novel Approach Cappy Town gets hooked by a novel. Dedede can't get a copy, so invites the author herself to read it to him, but from Nightmare Enterprises? Cleaningkirby Rowlin HnK BroomKing 2
39 36 Escar-Gone A monster makes just about everyone forget who Escargoon is None None Erasem
40 37 Monster Management Knuckle Joe returns with a double-double-cross. HnK Fighter Knuckle Joe anime art Masher-0
41 38 Prediction Predicament - Part I Dedede is haunted by visions, and seeks out Mabel the fortune-teller for answers HnK Fire None Reijou
42 39 Prediction Predicament - Part II Mabel's prediction came true, but much earlier than anyone thought possible None None None
43 40 Sheepwrecked Sheep revolt against Cappy Town HnK Needle -amon None
44 41 War of the Woods King Dedede wants to cut down Acore to build his golf course HnK Cutter 2 HnK WhispyWoods


45 52 Scare Tactics - Part I Residents of Cappy Town make puppets of spooks to scare one another, but there's one for them that nobody made None None Sharbon
46 53 Scare Tactics - Part II A haunted mansion is probably not the best place to seek shelter from the rain, especially not one rigged by Nightmare Enterprises HnK Fire None Sharbon

Sharbon2 Erasem HnK Gabon

47 42 Pink-Collar Blues Dedede finds a replacement for Waddle Dees, but this new servant has other loyalties StoneAnime None Domesticservantrobot
48 43 Tourist Trap Dedede turns Cappy Town into a resort for disruptive tourists HnK Fire

HnK Ice 2

Tourists Kirby FlameFeeder
49 47 Cartoon Buffoon Dedede makes a cartoon to pay off his debts to Nightmare Enterprises None None None
50 48 Don't Bank on It Dedede manages to makes all of Cappy Town fall all over each other to give their money to him None None Dedede Doll
51 49 Kirby Takes the Cake Cappy Town prepares a surprise party for Kirby Bomb 1 None HnK Denjaa
52 45 Snack Attack - Part I Cappy Town goes crazy over action figures, and Dedede gets some of his own from Nightmare Enterprises None Joe's dad art

HnK Kit Cosmos artwork Choco Arthur Sir falspar Choco Nonsurat Sir dragato

HnK Yamikage

3 Color Fighters

53 46 Snack Attack - Part II There was more "action" to action figures previously, and Kirby has to face-off against them in an arena HnK Fighter None 3 Color Fighters
54 54 One Crazy Knight Sir Gallant, a deranged old coot comes to Cappy Town in search of his lost love, fighting for a cause only he believes in HnK Mirror Quixano

Princess whatshername

55 55 Sweet & Sour Puss Dedede becomes overly nice overnight, but there is something else to it HnK Needle None Togeira
56 56 Dedede's Pet Threat Dedede gets several Scarfies and free chow, but there is another facet to the matter HnK Hammer KRBAY scarfy None
57 57 A Half-Baked Battle A pied Dedede becomes newest laughing stock and takes it back against Cappy Town, pie style Bomb 1

HnK Parasol

None Belly Buster 2
58 58 eNeMeE Elementary Dedede gets back at the children by making them attend a horrible school run by himself HnK Fighter None Teacher Creature 2
59 59 The Meal Moocher Dedede gets tired of food, and pays Cappy Town to cook their best for him HnK Cook None Crab by PigMasterOra
60 60 Crusade for the Blade Silica goes after Meta Knight for the sacred Galaxia Swordkirby2 Sirica art

Garlude art

61 61 Fitness Fiend Dedede and Kirby get awfully obese and the workout of their lives HnK Mike None Max Flex
62 62 Mabel Turns the Tables Dedede puts Mabel on Channel DDD and makes the gullible Cappies believe her fortune-telling HnK Tornado 2 None None
63 63 Something to Sneeze At King Dedede can't wait to get sick, after hearing what Customer Service had to say None None Cold Viruses
64 64 The Kirby Quiz It's the New Year, and Customer Service runs a quiz show about Kirby None None None
65 65 Masher 2.0 Knuckle Joe and Masher 2.0 return, but the latter is worse and much bigger this time HnK Fighter Knuckle Joe anime art

Joe's dad art

66 66 The Chill Factor Wandering Pengy besiege and take over Cappy Town after losing their home to global warming HnK Ice 2 None
67 67 The School Scam Tiff fights back against three bullies HnK Fighter None MT2
68 68 Delivery Dilemma Kirby gets the test of his life, having to carry food to Dedede without eating it himself Jet Kirby None Delivery Man
69 69 Trick or Trek Tiff hosts an eco tour to get everyone to respect nature more, but Dedede and Escargoon get seperated from the group HnK Tornado 2 None None
70 70 Buccaneer Birdy Tokkori discovers that his ancestor was a pirate, and searches for treasure HnK Mirror Captain Kick

Lord James Coleet

71 71 A Whale of a Tale Dedede feints his whaler for a cruise ship, but whales are larger than even Dedede thinks None Parent Whale and Child Whale None
72 72 Waddle While You Work Dedede decides to sell his Waddle Dees None None None
73 73 Dedede's Raw Deal Dedede opens a sushi restaurant SparkAnime None Squishy2
74 74 Caterpillar Thriller Mosugaba comes to Dream Land when the Twin Nuts are stolen from him None Twin Nuts

Mosugaba 1

75 75 Fossil Fools - Part I Dedede tries to prove that dinosaurs once existed to the skeptical Cappies None None DSCF7366


76 76 Fossil Fools - Part II The Cappies find themselves trapped in Dedede's dinosaur park, and must run for their lives Crashanime None DSCF7366


77 77 Dedede's Monsterpiece King Dedede gains an appreciation for art and builds an art museum HnK Paint Kirby None -paint roller
78 78 Right Hand Robot Escargoon feels he is being overworked, and builds a robot to do the work for him Bomb 1 Escar-droid 2 Escar-droid 2
79 79 Goin' Bonkers Bonkers visits Cappy Town to find his lifelong hero, who is none other than Kirby, but Dedede has other plans for both of them HnK Hammer Bonk Bonk
80 80 Power Ploy The Cappies get addicted to an NME energy drink which makes Kirby go haywire StoneAnime None Red Viper1
81 81 A Trashy Tale Dedede exposes the Cappies' messy lifestyles on television Cleaningkirby None TrashBasher
82 82 Cooking Up Trouble Dedede makes a cooking class for male Cappies, which is actually a trap SparkAnime None 12
83 83 Teacher's Threat Mr. Chip comes to Dedede Academy to teach all the Cappy kids, as well as King Dedede Swordkirby2 Mr.Chip Monster-Nekketsu
84 84 Mumbies Madness Every night, a Mumbies comes out of a jar to hunt down Kirby Bomb 1 None Mumbiesmouth
85 85 A Sunsational Surprise / A Sunsational Puzzle The residents of Cappy Town are getting horrible sunburns, so they become nocturnal Jet Kirby

Bomb 1

None 15
86 86 A Chow Challenge Chef Nagoya and Chef Kawasaki compete in a cooking contest HnK Cook Chef Nagoya


87 87 Waste Management A flock of crows terrorizes Cappy Town Wing Anime Crowmon

Dyna1 Dyna Chick

88 88 Shell-Shocked Dedede breaks Escargoon's shell to see what's inside, but ends up replacing his snail servant with a monster when a replacement is ordered from Nightmare Enterprises HnK Hammer None Maimaigoon
89 89 Tooned Out King Dedede hires animators to make a cartoon with him as a hero, but they decide to portray Tiff instead, and in a different light than usual, and Tiff gets really angry SparkAnime Dis Walney


90 90 Born to Be Mild - Part I Fang and his gang of bikers wreak havoc in Cappy Town until the Cappies build their own motorcycles None Steppenwolf FangRipTurbo

Rip Turbo

91 91 Born to Be Mild - Part II Kirby and the legendary biker Steppenwolf must race against Fang HnK Wheel Steppenwolf FangRipTurbo

Rip Turbo WheelieAnime-0

92 92 Hunger Struck King Dedede deprives Waddle Dees of food trying to save on expense, and the Waddle Dees get back at Cappy Town by making everyone starve as well. HnK Cook None Fryclops
93 93 D'Preciation Day Cappy Town holds appreciation days for each other, but not for Dedede. Dedede vents his anger at Kirby but he goes too far this time HnK Parasol Escargoons mom Chuckie2
94 96 Cowardly Creature Phan Phan comes to Cappy Town, but Whippy turns it evil Kirbythrowanime Phan phan Hitti1fm5
95 97 Frog Wild Kirby goes on a rampage when possessed by the Demon Frog HnK Fire None DSCF7445


96 50 M Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I Castle Dedede comes under attack by a Destroya from Nightmare Enterprises and Air Riders attack Kirby None None Destrayer


97 51 M Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II Kirby's Warp Star gets damaged, and he uses Air Ride Machines instead to take on Air Riders Baton

Water Iron Top Crashanime

None Destrayer


98 98 M Cappy Town Down A Destroya comes and levels Cappy Town. Meta Knight reveals the Halberd to the crew and goes after Nightmare's Fortress Crashanime HnK Kit Cosmos artwork

Phan phan HnK WhispyWoods Dyna1

99 99 M Combat Kirby The Halberd comes under attack after a tip-off by stowaways Dedede and Escargoon HnK Cook

HnK Ice 2

HnK Kit Cosmos artwork

Knuckle Joe anime art Sirica art Choco Arthur Sir falspar Choco Nonsurat Sir dragato Nightmare



100 100 M Fright to the Finish / Fight to the Finish The grand finale. Kirby and Tiff take on Nightmare inside his own fortress Bomb 1

HnK Fire Kirby Star Rod 3D

HnK Kit Cosmos artwork

Knuckle Joe anime art Sirica art Choco Arthur Sir falspar Choco Nonsurat Sir dragato Nightmare



101 101 Kirby 3D Wii-Japan-exclusive 3D-animated short featuring a new copy ability HnK Fire

Kabuki Kirby True Form

None Ebizou

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Un-Reality TV Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure Curio's Curious Discovery The Fofa Factor Hail to the Chief
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Abusement Park A Dental Dilemma Junk Jam A Recipe for Disaster The Kirby Derby - Part I
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The Kirby Derby - Part II Watermelon Felon A Novel Approach Escar-Gone Monster Management
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Prediction Predicament - Part I Prediction Predicament - Part II Sheepwrecked War of the Woods Scare Tactics - Part I
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Scare Tactics - Part II Pink-Collar Blues Tourist Trap Cartoon Buffoon Don't Bank on It
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Kirby Takes the Cake Snack Attack - Part I Snack Attack - Part II One Crazy Knight Sweet & Sour Puss
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Dedede's Pet Threat A Half-Baked Battle eNeMeE Elementary The Meal Moocher Crusade for the Blade
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Fitness Fiend Mabel Turns the Tables Something to Sneeze At The Kirby Quiz Masher 2.0 (Anime episode)
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The Chill Factor The School Scam Delivery Dilemma Trick or Trek Buccaneer Birdy
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A Whale of a Tale Waddle While You Work Dedede's Raw Deal Caterpillar Thriller Fossil Fools - Part I
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Fossil Fools - Part II Dedede's Monsterpiece Right Hand Robot Goin' Bonkers Power Ploy
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A Trashy Tale Cooking Up Trouble Teacher's Threat Mumbies Madness A Sunsational Surprise / A Sunsational Puzzle
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A Chow Challenge Waste Management Shell-Shocked Tooned Out Born to Be Mild - Part I
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Born to Be Mild - Part II Hunger Struck D'Preciation Day Cowardly Creature Frog Wild
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Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II Cappy Town Down Combat Kirby Fright to the Finish

Returning Characters
HnK MetaKnight 2HnK KingDedede Many characters return in the animated series, but most play different roles than they did in the games.
Lololala2 Coo1 Kine Anime Rick KnuckleJoeAnime
New Characters

Tiff is Kirby's most steadfast ally. Only she can summon the Warp Star for she cares about him the most. She is the smartest individual in Cappy Town.


Tuff is Tiff's polar opposite; His act-first, think later personality sometimes get Kirby into trouble, although he sticks through it with Kirby regardless.


Pragmatic, hard-wearing, and having the occasional soft spot, Escargoon is Dedede's comical sidekick, assistant, and personal punching bag.

Customer Service Art

N.M.E. Sales Guy is Nightmare's No. 2. Delightfully manipulative, he rips-off Dedede by selling him Monsters to get rid of Kirby.

Cappy Town is the main setting in the anime, and Cappies return with a major role in the anime ironically without their distinctive spotted cap. Not all inhabitants of Cappy Town are Cappies.
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