Copy Abilities

The signature of the Kirby franchise, Copy Abilities allow Kirby to transform and attain additional powers in one of many ways. They are first introduced in Kirby's Adventure.

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KSA yo-yo kirby Artwork
Only seen in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Yo-Yo Kirby makes use of a yo-yo as a medium-ranged weapon, with direct forward throws or spins that send it outwards or around him. Kirby wears a blue baseball cap backwards while using Yo-Yo.

Other Abilities

Although not as common, Kirby has a few other moves which are not Copy Abilities:

KSSU Air Gun artwork KSSU Kirby guard KRtDL Kirby Inhale Slide Spitstar2 KSSU Water Gun artwork
Air Gun Guard Inhale Slide attack Star Spit Water Gun
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