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*The thirteenth goal is worth 64000 points.
*The thirteenth goal is worth 64000 points.
*The fourteenth goal is worth "+B."
*The fourteenth goal is worth "+B."
*The fifteenth goal is worth 99000 points.
*The fifteenth goal is worth 99900 points.
*All goals after earn Kirby a [[1up]].
*All goals after earn Kirby a [[1up]].

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It is every Kirby's dream to play soccer with a squid. Score as many goals as you can. The more goals you make, the more each goal is worth!
— Instruction manual of Kirby's Pinball Land

The Poppy Brothers' Land Bonus Game is a sub-game in Kirby's Pinball Land. It can be played in Poppy Bros. Sr.'s stage. Kirby must hit the big Kirby on the left side of the middle level when it's imagining the Warp Star; after being hit, it will spit out the Warp Star, which will take the pink hero to this sub-game.


Two Kirbys must play soccer against a Squishy goalie. This goalie has quick defensive skills, and will toss any Kirby that touches him away. To score a goal, one of the Kirbys must hit the back of the net behind the Squishy -- simply entering the net will not count. When the time limit of 60 seconds is up, the flippers will be disabled, and the Warp Star will once again appear. When one of the Kirbys lands on it, the game will end, and Kirby will travel to the top level of Poppy Bros. Sr.'s stage.


  • The first goal is worth 1000 points.
  • The second goal is worth "+B" (Bonus Points).
  • The third goal is worth 2000 points.
  • The fourth goal is worth "+M" (Bonus Multiplier).
  • The fifth goal is worth 4000 points.
  • The sixth goal is worth "+B."
  • The seventh goal is worth 8000 points.
  • The eighth goal is worth "+M."
  • The ninth goal is worth 16000 points.
  • The tenth goal is worth "+B."
  • The eleventh goal is worth 32000 points.
  • The twelfth goal is worth "+M."
  • The thirteenth goal is worth 64000 points.
  • The fourteenth goal is worth "+B."
  • The fifteenth goal is worth 99900 points.
  • All goals after earn Kirby a 1up.


  • If the player enters a special code on the title screen, he/she can play this sub-game by just getting on the Warp Star to Poppy Bros. Sr.'s stage. When the game is done, Kirby will return to the stage selection screen.
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