KMA Dream Land

Green Grounds

The Popopo Islands are an archipelago in Dream Land and the main setting of Kirby Mass Attack. They are located in the southern region of Planet Popstar. Here, Kirby and the Squeaks learn of and combat Necrodeus' plot to suffocate the universe's light with darkness.

The Islands are named after Kirby's original name, Popopo, used during development of Kirby's Dream Land, before his final name was chosen.


  • Green Grounds - A meadow area containing thick jungles and dark forests. Whispy Woods serves as the boss here.
  • Sandy Canyon - A desolate desert canyon containing abandoned ruins. Lady Ivy serves as the boss here.
  • Dedede Resort - A tropical resort with snow-capped mountains which has since been taken over by King Dedede. Dedede serves as the boss here.
  • Volcano Valley - A series of volcanoes; also the former place of a great battle, which is now infested by the Skullys. It contains graveyards and dark mansions. Skullord serves as the boss here.
  • Necro Nebula - A dark island floating in space, possibly created by Necrodeus himself. It serves as the hideout of the Skull Gang. The island pits the Kirbys against every previous boss, with Necrodeus serving as the final boss.