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Poison Mash is a fungus-like creature found in Revenge of the King in Kirby Super Star Ultra as a replacement for Cappy. Whereas Cappy was replaced by Blopper in the Extra Game of Kirby's Dream Land, Poison Mash replaces Cappy in Kirby Super Star Ultra. Poison Mash behaves the same way Cappy does, as he wears his mushroom cap and slowly hops towards Kirby. Like Cappy, he occasionally tosses his cap towards the air. If Kirby destroys the cap, Poison Mash has no choice but to flail his way into Kirby. Like Blopper, Poison Mash has far more health than Cappy.

Physical Appearance

Poison Mash appears as a withered, corrupted Cappy. Thus its color palette and appearance contrast with Cappies. Its mushroom cap is flatter than a Cappy's, and is dull blue with bright pinkish-purple spots splattered over it. It always has a melancholy frown and its body is pale gray in color.