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Planet Earthfall is a planet that appears in Kirby Star Allies. It is the first main planet found in the final world, Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes. Its moon is the Falluna Moon, where a rematch with Whispy Woods and the first battle against Yggy Woods are fought.

Stage Overview

At the beginning of the stage, Kirby is spawned near a series of bumps in the ground, which he is intended to walk over. Coming towards him is a Jammerjab. After passing a Waddle Dee and a second Jammerjab (this time on a block), the player ascends a slope with a Big Shotzo at the top, supported by three blocks. If the player destroys the blocks, the Big Shotzo will fall into a gap in the hill, preventing it from shooting. After descending the slope and walking over two more bumps (one of which has a Broom Hatter), the player ascends another slope, this time with a Poppy Bros Jr. at the top. Past the Poppy Bros Jr. is another Big Shotzo, which the player defeats by destroying a bomb block. This allows them to obtain a few stars before coming to a dead end. Th player must fly over the wall, but yet another Big Shotzo is blocking them. They must destroy the bomb block in front of them to proceed safely into the next room.

The second room consists of many slopes and a plethora of treasure chests, some hidden in barrels. However, most of the chests consist of relatively worthless items. After encountering a Gordo, Broom Hatter, and Cappy, the player has to destroy a box in order to obtain a key from a treasure chest. This allows them to proceed to the next room, where they find themselves in front of a Poppy Bros. Jr. Here they are required to ascend via a collection of platforms, and encounter more treasure chests and enemies such as Broom Hatters, Shield Guards, and Cappies.

At one point, the player is given a choice to ascend to the right, or sweep away the leaves on the left platfom and ascend that way. If the player chooses the leaves, they gain access to the round trip door leading to the Rare Picture Piece. After leaving the secret room, the player goes through one more platform before defeating the Shield Guard and moving on.

The fourth room sees Kirby at the top of a hill, where he is expected to descend and defeat the Propellers blocking him. Yet more treasure chests are lying around, some propped up on blocks. Once Kirby reaches the bottom, there is a smaller hill which he must pass. On the other side is a Wester. After one more hill, the player has to defeat a Shield Guard to get a key from a chest, which they need to access the door to the next room. Hidden above is an Invincible Candy concealed within a chest.

The fifth room is similar to the first, but after passing the bumps in the ground, a Beetley, and a Broom Hatter, the player has to battle mid-boss Bugzzy. After he is defeated, more bumps and multiple Jammerjabs follow before the next room.

The final room contains many platforms and treasure chests, many of which have Two Faces, Cappies, and Knuckle Joes near them. The top platform holds the chest containing the key to the goal door at the bottom, where Kirby can exit the stage.

Physical Appearance

Planet Earthfall is a peaceful grassland with regular or bright orange grass, brown bushes, and tress with brown leaves that create a ball shape; it also has an evening setting in the sky. Some areas have some or many leaf piles and treasure chests. Each planet is based off of other levels earlier in the game. Planet Earthfall and Falluna Moon are based on World of Peace - Dream Land.

Copy Abilities

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Rare Picture Piece and Big Switch

Celebration Picture Guide Big Switch Extra Stage
FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! In the vertical room, use Bluster Staff to clear the Leaves on the left side of the split, revealing a round-trip door. After entering the round-trip door, activate all of the fans with Spinning Staff in order to open that gates at the bottom. Obtain Suplex from Bugzzy or Fighter from Knuckle Joe. In the last room, use the Friend Throw Friend Ability to destroy the Durable Blocks. Dream Palace


Earthfall is a portmanteau of earth and fall, referencing its status as a planet and its season respectively.

Its Japanese name, 惑星フォルアース (Wakusei Foruāsu), also contains a portmanteau of fall, フォール (fōru); and earth, アース (āsu).