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Planet Caverna is a planet that appears in Kirby Star Allies. It is the third main planet found in the final level, Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes. Its moon is the Grott Moon, where Grand Mam is fought.

Physical Appearance

Planet Caverna is a cave with odd patterns on the walls and stone-like objects that are either just in the background/foreground or work just like lamps. It consists of multiple pathways to multiple doors, as the goal is to open all the gates in order to complete the level. Each door leads to a mid-boss, and said mid-boss must be defeated in order to open the gate. Because of this, it is similar to the Tower of Mid-boss levels from previous games. However, players can choose the order of which to fight the bosses. Due to the underground theme, it and Grott Moon are similar to Donut Dome.

A harder version of the mini boss rush can be accessed by falling to the floor of the first area then flying up where the player started, where a door has now spawned. This will transport the player to a much darker version of the main room. In this harder version, there are now Twin versions of every boss, some enemies have changed/added, and there are more point stars and Picture Pieces.

Copy Abilities

KSA Artist Ability Icon.png
KSA Bomb Ability Icon.png
KSA Cook Icon2.png
KSA Cutter Ability Icon.png
KSA Fighter Ability Icon.png
KSA Hammer Ability Icon.png
KSA Ice Ability Icon.png
KSA Plasma Icon.png
KSA Suplex.png

Rare Picture Piece

Celebration Picture Guide
A Miracle Sent to the Skies Obtain Ice from Mr. Frosty, Hammer from Bonkers, Suplex from Bugzzy or Fighter from Knuckle Joe, and Artist from Vividria. Use Ice to extinguish the flaming logs, Hammer to pound the Stake, Suplex or Fighter to perform the Friend Throw Friend Ability to destroy the Durable Blocks, and Artist to paint the blank signs. This can be accessed from the harder version as well.


Caverna comes from the word "cavern," referring to a generally large cave.