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Pitcher Man is a character that appears in Kirby's Dream Land 3. He is first encountered in the third level of Grass Land. Pitcher Man challenges Kirby to a game of memory and quick reflexes. He will start by grabbing a dark blue ball and preparing to throw it. There are two rock pillars that separate the area and Pitcher Man throws the ball between the two pillars. The ball will then transform into a random-shaped Gordo. Kirby will need to choose which Gordo the pitcher threw. If Kirby beats Pitcher Man's sub-game, he will give him a Heart Star at the end of the level.

Pitcher Man later appears in the sub-game Super NES MG5, along with Elieel, Caramello, Tamasan, and Chef Kawasaki. Here, the field he is in is dark and rainy.

Physical Appearance

Pitcher Man is a small, light blue, round creature who bears a likeness to Kirby. His hands and feet are blue and, like the rest of his body, are round in shape. Pitcher Man sports a red baseball cap to show his love of the sport.


  • Pitcher Man's cap bears a slight resemblance to Mario's cap.