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Pirka is a character in the Kirby series. She appears in the Kirby of the Stars: Save the Rainbow Islands! novel as the main antagonist, as she is the one responsible for the rain ceasing, causing the bridges connecting the islands to disappear, among other bad things.

Physical Appearance

Pirka is a small fairy with butterfly-like antennas and butterfly-like fairy wings. She has short, curly hair with a bow on the right side of her head. She has no feet, wears a small dress with a ribbon around her neck and a pair of gloves with wavy sleeves.

In the Kirby of the Stars novel series

A fairy with the ability to travel trough space, Pirka originally went to Floralia to discover more about the now deceased Queen Sectonia. There she meets Taranza, who says that she can find more information in a castle nearby. However, she ends up falling down the cloud where the castle is, landing on one of the Rainbow Islands, where Kirby and his friends happen to be. She then decides to help them find out why the islands look so dehydrated, as if it hasn't rained at all. She framed Gooey for (seemingly) damming the lake above the clouds and attacking Kirby when he tried to stop him.

Contrary to what she looks like, she has the strength enough to throw King Dedede and can use weak body-puppeteering/manipulating magic, as her magic only works for a few hours at a time. Everyone knows what happened when they have been controlled. She cannot snap them out of it, it has to wear off on its own.

It was revealed that the real story behind Pirka, is that she was small and inconspicuous in her village of origin, but as she controlled the people around her with her magic, she became hated and avoided, getting kicked out. Time repeated a few times, before she later learned about Queen Sectonia of Floralia and started to adore her quickly and powerfully- she was beautiful, strong, noble, and controlled many people. She wanted to be just like her. She went to Floralia and had Taranza tell her story, growing her adoration of her greatly and bringing her knowledge of the Dreamstalk. After he was done, she travelled through space to get its seedlings before going to a lake above the clouds - the source of the rainwater for the Rainbow Islands. After damming it, she planted the Dreamstalk seedlings, and their growth caused her manipulative abilities to increase explosively. She now planned to put an entire population of people under her control by raining the Dreamstalk-tainted water onto the entire Rainbow Islands (after undamming the lake). Her simple dream had now matured into full villainy.

She then confronts Kirby, telling what Gooey has done despite her being the root of the problem at hand. She manipulated Gooey to fight and defeat Kirby. She proclaimed herself the great Queen Pirka. After Kirby finds out about the truth about her, she easily puts King Dedede and Meta Knight under her control to try to defeat Kirby as well.

Ultimately, ready to enact her plan, she undammed the lake, only for Kirby to have sucked all the water out of it - knocking the wind out of her sails big-time, defeated. Afterward, Kirby talked with her, getting her to share her past with him, after which the two became friends. In addition to those who witnessed the Gooey battle in the clouds, they then saved the Rainbow Islands together.


ピリカ (Pirika), usually romanized as Pirka, is an Ainu word, meaning beautiful or good.