Pichikuri is an enemy found in Kirby Air Ride. They are round, pink birds wearing spiky headgear that looks like it was fashioned out of an eggshell. They are among the few enemies in the game that actually go out of their way to try to attack Kirby, and will not hesitate to extend their spikes if he draws near. By swallowing one, Kirby gets the Needle ability. They are bountiful in parts of Fantasy Meadows, Celestial Valley, Sky Sands, and Machine Passage.

Pichikuri makes a cameo appearance in Kirby: Canvas Curse as one of the objects drawn by Paint Roller in the Paint Panic mini-game.

Physical Appearance

Pichikuris are large spherical pink birds. They have small pink wings and a small feathery tail. Facially, they have a small orange beak and large blue eyes. Pichikuris wear large spike-covered helmets that slightly resemble cracked white eggshells.


Their name is derived from Japanese terms, the twitter of birds "pīchiku" and the state of being stung, "chikuri".


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