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Thousands of years ago, when the universe was young, Photron, the mighty ruler of the fire people, began to forge a great sword. He called this sword Galaxia. This was no ordinary sword, for it was created with a will and life of its own, and glistened with great mystical powers.
— Kabu • Crusade for the Blade

Photron is a flaming deity and king of an ancient race of fire beings. He played an important role in the history of the galaxy by having forged the holy sword Galaxia years ago in a time long forgotten while the universe was still young. Galaxia took Photron many years to make, and he gave the sword its name as well, along with a will and sentience of its own. Nightmare Enterprises sent the great beast Kirisakin to steal the sacred blade and hide it in a dark cave, where Meta Knight and Garlude would later travel to in order to reclaim it.

Photron's only appearance in the anime is when Tiff learns of Galaxia's past.

Physical Appearance

Photron is a tall creature made entirely of fire and is a master smith. He is shown brandishing a large steel hammer in order to craft Galaxia, and dwells in a harsh volcanic setting.


The name Photron likely comes from "photon," a particle made of concentrated light.


  • In the English dub, Photron was referred to as king of an ancient fire race; in the original Japanese version, Photron instead refers to the race itself.
  • In the Japanese version, Photron is called the race of light. Nightmare calls himself the Emperor of Darkness, so naturally both Photron and Nightmare can be seen as foils to one another. Photron represents good, order, justice and purity, while Nightmare represents evil, chaos, injustice and corruption.
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