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In Kirby Right Back at Ya a character name Whippy has face paint much like Perot.
In [[Kirby Right Back at Ya |Kirby anime]] a character name [[Whippy]] has face paint much like Perot.

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Perot is a mime-like version of Poppy Bros. Jr., and appears in the sub-game Revenge of the King in Kirby Super Star Ultra. It has the same characteristics of a regular Poppy Bros. except it has a higher stamina and is also a lot more violent, attacking a great deal more than the original Poppy Bros. do. Perot still balances on apples and still throws boomerangs and bombs, so naturally it can still supply the Cutter and Bomb abilities. Occasionally, the bomb-throwing type may throw out three bombs at once.

It is unknown if Perot has a "senior" version like Poppy Bros. Jr.s do.

Physical Appearance

Perot, as stated above, has the same body type as a Poppy Bros. Jr.. However Perot wears a form fitting purple garment, yellow shoes, and mime makeup. Perot always sticks his tongue out, has small, pitch black eyes, and wears a small red clown nose.


In Kirby anime a character name Whippy has face paint much like Perot.


Perot is a corruption of pierrot, which is a clown in Italian folklore. Perot wear the same makeup that pierrot wears in traditional Italian depictions of him.

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