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<gallery captionalign="left">
<gallery captionalign="left">
Image:Pengy_Kirby's_Adventure.png|''[[Kirby's Adventure]]''
Image:Pengy_Kirby_&_the_Amazing_Mirror.gif|''[[Kirby & the Amazing Mirror]]''
File:Master Pengi.jpg|Master Pengi, the leader of the Pengis
File:Master Pengi.jpg|Master Pengi, the leader of the Pengis
File:Ice Breath.jpg|Master Pengi using his ice breath
File:Ice Breath.jpg|Master Pengi using his ice breath

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Pengi (also spelled as Pengy) are a regular enemy in the Kirby games. Pengi resembles a penguin. It has large eyes and bushy, spiky eyebrows. Its bill is sharp and small on top but the bottom half extends down over most of its front. Its underbelly is light while its back is darkly colored. A pair of flippers hang at its side with little bird feet beneath it. They give the Ice ability when inhaled.

In Games

Kirby's Adventure

Pengi slides around short distances on its belly as it waits for Kirby to get near. When he does, it opens its large mouth and blasts him with a cool breath to freeze him into an ice cube. Pengi is the only enemy that gives the Ice ability.

Other Games

Pengi appears in other games. In each one, it exhibits the same behavior as it did in Adventure and grants the Ice ability.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Pengi Anime

A Pengi in the anime

A bunch of them, namely the Wandering Pengi tribe, appear in the episode "The Chill Factor", visiting Cappy Town. It later turns out that the Pengis were just trying to make Dream Land into a place for them to call home! They had been separated from fellow Pengis at their previous home due to global warming, and now they have found Dream Land and want to permanently live in it. Luckily, Ice Kirby arranges the solution to the Pengi problem, and the Pengis are run off by the heat.

The Pengis aren't really bad, they are just trying to find a place to live. The boss Pengi looks exactly like the one in the games, while the other Pengis resemble the Master Pengis of Kirby's Dream Land 2. They seem to be more powerful then they are in the games, because their freezing power is stronger. Also, the boss Pengi is usually the only member of the tribe who can speak; the rest just say "Gii", though at one occasion, one of the Pengis was able to speak, just like the boss Pengi. These Pengis have different colorations than in the games, ranging from grey and blue to blue-green and turquoise.

The boss Pengi is voiced by Nobuo Tobita in Japan and Mike Pollock in English.

Related Species


  • Even though Pengi's are penguins, they take damage and get KO'd when they hit the water.



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