Pedo (Gyockn in Japan) is an enemy appearing in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It is aqua green with a yellow nose and four silver, metal propellers. It is shaped like a torpedo and swims forward, exploding if it hits anything in the way. If inhaled, it gives the Bomb ability, possibly because it explodes. Pedos are only found in water and Acro also spits out Pedos when he heads upward. Pedo are also similar to Bang-Bang in that they both rocket off to dive-bomb Kirby upon sight of him.


  • Pedo is similar to an enemy named Rockn but unlike him, he lives underwater.
  • Pedo may also be named for the fact that it is a torpedo-like enemy.
  • Pedo is similar to Torpedo Ted from the Mario series.
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