Peanut Plains is the first level in the sub-game Dyna Blade that appears in Kirby Super Star and its remake. It precedes Mallow Castle.

General Information

The level is broken up into four main areas. The first is the entrance area, which is a small, rocky hill with a lone Sir Kibble. The next area is the one most like the level's title: a long, flat plain. There are few distinguishing features, save for a few small ponds. Next is a small tunnel system with many Bomb Blocks. The last area is the most mountainous part of the four, which features the level's mid-boss, Chef Kawasaki. The room after Kawasaki has the exit door, and two Waddle Dees and two Sir Kibbles on small platforms, most likely included there to show off the power of the Cook ability given by Kawasaki.

In the remake, there is a glitch that can only be performed if Kirby has the Suplex ability. Kirby should navigate to the drop with a Bomber, then leap and grab it. After Kirby does that, the player should press A/Y right before Kirby lands on the floor. Kirby will jump and the game will freeze.

Copy Abilities

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  • The very first room is an indirect reference to the International version of Super Mario Bros. 2, being that Kirby starts in midair and falls down as he gets below several blocky hills that are in similar arrangement to the ones in the very first room of Super Mario Bros. 2. To add to that, the door is at the right and the lone Sir Kibble found in the area is very close, if not directly on, the spot where one of the first Shy Guys in Super Mario Bros. 2 is found. In the original version of Kirby Super Star, the grass is pinkish, but in the remake, the grass is green, further increasing the similarity.
  • The music for Peanut Plains was remixed in Kirby: Triple Deluxe as the music for Stage 4 of Old Odyssey.
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Peanut Plains