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The Particle Ghost is a monster that appears in the two-part Scare Tactics episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It first appears to greet Tiff and Kirby not long after they both get stuck inside Nightmare Enterprises' newly-sent haunted house, scaring Tiff as it does so. Afterwards, it then proceeds to attack them both, namely by making everything within the haunted house move around violently. Compared to the other known ghost of the mansion, Sharbon, the Particle Ghost is much less playful and much more dangerous. The Particle Ghost hasn't been seen again ever since the haunted house was burned down by Fire Kirby.

Physical Appearance

The Particle Ghost is simply a stereotypical ghost made out of hundreds lots of small, flashing white particles that can come together to form whatever it pleases, or make anything within the haunted house move on its own. It is also shown to be able to posses various statues and gargoyles. When the full body of the ghost is formed, it should look familiar to viewers; it looks strikingly like the pose Nightmare makes when he is seen rising above a hill in the opening of the anime.


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