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Block falling objects. Fill your parasol with wind, and go for a stroll through the sky. The best comes last! That's right: Circus Throw!
— Parasol's Flavor Text • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

General Information

Parasol is a copy ability that has appeared in numerous Kirby games, first seen in Kirby's Adventure. Parasol is a deceptively simple, harmless looking ability, that allows Kirby to use a red and white striped, star-tipped parasol as a weapon, slow his fall from high places, and protect his head from most attacks. Parasol is one of the few abilities to never have Kirby wearing a hat, other than many of the final abilities like Star Rod.

It is one of the few abilities that may be used in water. Its handle comes in four color variations: pink, blue, white, and green.

In some artworks the tips of the parasol have dots. The shape of the parasol tips are like triangles. The parasol that Kirby uses now has a star on top, whilst in earlier games it didn't have the star. The parasol`s pattern has always been red and white, except in Kirby's Dream Course, where it is green and white.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element
Parasol Swing B or Y Kirby swings his Parasol in front of him, damaging enemies. If the player holds B or Y, Kirby will hold the Parasol in front of him. After obtaining the Copy Scroll, holding it will cause tiny stars to emerge from the parasol that are surprisingly powerful. None
Drift None (See below) Kirby's descent is slowed down when he falls. By falling without doing anything, this feature activates. None
Shield None (See below) Kirby will block any projectiles from above, and he doesn't need to do anything. None
Parasol Dive ↓ + B(Midair) Kirby dives diagonally down, smashing through enemies below him. None
Circus Throw →/↑/↓ near an enemy (prior to toss, do nothing to throw up, and tap forward to throw forwards) Kirby will grab the enemy & mid-bosses (if defeated), bounce it off his Parasol, and toss it up or forward, depending if the player tapped forward on the controls. None
Parasol Dash Dash + B Kirby dashes forward with the parasol. None
Tip None This is not exactly an attack, but more of a feature; any enemy that touches Kirby's parasol will take a small amount of damage. None

Note: In certain games like Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby may not be holding the Parasol over his head when he enters a new room and will therefore be unable to use the Drift and Shield abilities until Kirby attacks with it, then he will hold it over his head.

Animal Friends

Move Controls Description Element
Rick B Rick puts his parasol on his nose and his partner rolls around on top of it. This attack is not very useful offensively, but it will block projectiles from the top. None Rick parasol.jpg
Coo B A parasol comes out of Coo's head and he spins around. This move is less like Parasol, and more like Tornado. He can move freely while doing this attack. None Coo parrasol.jpg
Kine B Kine sticks a Parasol out of his mouth protecting his front, and damaging any rammed enemies. In the sequel Kine will eventually stick it upwards. Kine is free to move the whole time this goes on. None Kine parasol.jpg
Nago B Nago and his partner use the Parasol like a pogo-stick. This will block projectiles from below and smash enemies. None
Chuchu B Chuchu and her partner hops in the parasol, as it slowly slides along the ground. Enemies/Projectiles from above will still damage the duo. None
Pitch B Pitch is hit like a golf ball by his partner. When he reaches the end of his path, he flies back to his partner. Damage will be dealt to any enemies Pitch runs into. Unfortunately, Pitch's partner is left vulnerable while he is gone. None

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Parasol Kirby in the anime is most like the version from Kirby Super Star, with several of the same attacks- namely Parasol Swing and Parasol Shield, in addition to Parasol Grab and Throw, which he uses on Dedede. In the transformation sequence, Kirby lands atop his parasol. It spins, making Kirby dizzy, and he gets off. Kirby takes the Parasol floating down.

In Cappy New Year, the ability's first appearance, Kirby did not use it in battle, but instead only to slow his fall from high up in the air.

The ability later appeared in episode 25, Escargoon Rules, where Kirby inhaled a Drifter and used the ability to foil Dedede's scheme.

The ability's last appearance was D'Preciation Day, where Kirby uses this ability to destroy Chuckie's neck.

Transformation Sequence

Parasol transformation
Basic throbber.gif9uKCN8UiB5Q300250px010iframe

Flavor texts

GameFlavor text
Kirby's Adventure
Open your parasol and take a nice walk! Do you think this might have other uses, too?
Kirby Super Star
Protect Kirby from enemies above! Splash, drill, or toss your enemies to the sky! A lot of possibilities with the Parasol.
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Kirby: Squeak Squad
The sun shines on this Parasol of mine. Where I walk, enemies balk, and I float gently down...
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Guard against falling objects! Twirl to attack or just drift. Or do a parasol throw!
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Block falling objects. Fill your parasol with wind, and go for a stroll through the sky. The best comes last! That's right: Circus Throw!


  • This is the only ability in the anime that never used its transformation sequence the first time it was used. It is also the first ability that Kirby uses that did not show a transformation sequence.
  • Paint Roller draws the Parasol (without Kirby holding it) in the Paint Panic subgame.
  • In Kirby Super Star and its remake's ability icons, the handle's color variation is yellow. In the Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land ability icon, the stroke and the handle are both wooden.
  • Oddly enough, the Parasol ability gains the trait of cooling down lava like Water or Ice in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. This is because the parasol shoots out tiny drops of water when Kirby uses the Parasol Swing attack.
    • This may be referencing the Animal Crossing games, because in those games if you twirl your parasol small drops of water will shoot out.


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