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The fabric of spacetime has broken down, creating four rifts to another dimension. Each of these rifts leads to an unholy incarnation of a past foe--like Whispy Woods! The rotten, blighted arbor has been imbued with terrible new power!
— VS Parallel Woods • Kirby Star Allies

Parallel Woods is a boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies. He is the Another Dimension counterpart of Whispy Woods.

Physical Appearance

Parallel Woods appears very similar to Whispy Woods in appearance, but he sports different colors. His colors are nearly inverted from Whispy, having a dark gray trunk and leaves, as well as a glowing yellow mouth and eyes.

General Information

Parallel Woods’s origin is not told in the English localization, seemingly having been removed for unknown reasons. In the original Japanese pause screen description, it is stated that Parallel Woods was born from the thoughts of a repeatedly defeated Whispy Woods that gathered together in Another Dimension. Together with Parallel Kracko, Parallel Meta Knight, and Parallel Dedede, they are known as “The Otherworldly Four Kings,” which is also not in the English localization.


Kirby Star Allies

Parallel Woods appears as in the Heroes in Another Dimension sub-game, serving as the first boss of the mode and as a harder version of Whispy Woods and Yggy Woods, with the boss title of Otherworldly Arbor. He can drop four apples, a Gordo, and a Blado. He uses his inhale earlier and more often than his counterparts; sometimes, he inhales for a shorter period of time, and does not get tired as a result. His Air Gun attack consists of two Air Bullets, followed by eight in rapid succession; these explode upon impact. He is capable of Big Burst Fruit, which detach from their vines very quickly. He can drop down enemies; these enemies are the same ones Yggy Woods drops.

  • Apple Dropping
  • Inhale
  • Air Gun
  • Quick Inhale
  • Big Burst Fruit
  • Enemy Dropping
  • Air Gun

Upon reaching half health, Parallel Woods will leap into the center of the arena, splitting up Kirby and his friends. He will then grow larger and rain down apples. Blados, five on each side of him, will fall afterward. Parallel Woods will jump three times, once on each side, and last in the middle, dropping three apples on each side upon landing. His Air Gun attack now splits into three Air Bullets. Comos may drop down alongside Big Burst Fruits, hanging on their webs. His attack pattern is identical to Yggy Woods.

  • Great Harvest Apple Festival
  • Blado Drop
  • Jump Press (right, left, then middle)
  • Dark Air Cannon
  • Big Burst Fruit
  • Dark Air Cannon
  • Jump Press (left, right, then middle)
  • Big Burst Fruit


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