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A dark liege was born from the Jamba Heart that King Dedede brought to Hyness! Cast out into another dimension along with the King's own spirit, this foul doppelganger is NOT the original Dedede! Beware his aberrant rage.
— VS Parallel Dedede • Kirby Star Allies

Parallel Dedede is a boss appearing in Kirby Star Allies. He appears in the Heroes in Another Dimension sub-game, serving as a harder version of King Dedede.

Physical Appearance

Parallel Dedede appears identical to King Dedede except in color. He has gray skin, has a purple beak, feet, gloves, and trimming around his cap. His robe, cap, eyes, and hammer are black, with his pupils being red along with the star on his hammer. His obi is black and yellow instead of yellow and red.


Kirby Star Allies

Parallel Dedede appears as a boss in Heroes in Another Dimension. He has more powerful version of King Dedede's attacks. When attaining his beefy physique, he has the ability to rapidly bounce off the walls of the castle. He can now inhale and perform Gordo Throw.