Para Sorceress is an enemy in Kirby: Canvas Curse. She only appears during the final battle of the game. Para Sorceresses are the underlings of Drawcia.

Physical Appearance

Para Sorceress greatly resembles a simplified version of Drawcia. She has a small, light purple body, two strands of light blue hair, and a purple hat and pink scarf over her body. Unlike Drawcia, both of her eyes are visible at all times. A yellow core, much like Drawcia's, can be seen under Para Sorceress's scarf in-game.


Para Sorceresses are summoned by Drawcia during phase one of her battle. They are released in groups of three or four and float in an upward arc. To avoid being hit, the player must tap them with the stylus, which will instantly defeat them.


Para Sorceress's name is most likely derived from the Greek root "para," meaning "close to (or from) the original form." This refers to their resemblance to Drawcia, as well as the way they appear from her.


  • Para Sorceress is one of two enemies to be instantly defeated when tapped by the stylus. The other is Para Matter.
  • Kirby will be frozen if a Para Sorceress touches him, as if he had been hit by a Chilly or a blue Para Matter. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Paint Roller will sometimes draw a Para Sorceress in Paint Panic.




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