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Painting is an enemy that appears in Kirby: Canvas Curse, exclusive to the second half of the game's last level, The World of Drawcia. They are the only enemies that appear in the level, and they serve as obstacles. Paintings levitate in midair, but when they are defeated, they will fall down as if they were hanging on a wall. There are only 14 of these Paintings in existence.

To defeat them, the player must simply tap them with the stylus a few (usually two) times. They are incapable of inflicting damage, even if Kirby rolls into one. They will however watch Kirby at all times once he comes into view. Paintings guard the last Medal in the game. If all of the paintings are defeated, the Medal will appear near the end of the level, right before the room where Drawcia awaits. Any time the player knocks down all of the paintings after the Medal has been collected, a 1UP or Maxim Tomato appears in its place instead.

Paintings appear during the credits of the game, too. They aren't mentioned by name as enemies in the game, but displayed in their frames are images of the other enemies (as well as playable characters and bosses). When tapped numerous times, the character shown looks hurt and the Painting falls of the screen.

Physical Appearance

Paintings are strange, ghostly, wicked beings that inhabit dull-purple surfaces. They have pasty white features and inhabit dull-purple blank portraits. When they bear their faces, they reveal eyes (with no pupils) and a white wrinkled mouth. Their face is never in the center of the frame, but randomly appears in one of the corners of the canvas. Their frames are a light gray color and are decorated with small squares which are strewn about the frame's surface and edges. When the Painting reveals its face, it utters a frightful giggle and begins to stare at Kirby as he moves about the screen.



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