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Draw lines as shown. Hurry!
— Pause Screen description • Kirby: Canvas Curse

Paint Panic is a sub-game in Kirby: Canvas Curse that features Paint Roller.

Paint Roller paints the outline of a picture of a recurring item, enemy, or ally in the Kirby series that the player must redraw using the DS's touch screen in a connect-the-dots fashion. During the battle, Kirby is pursued by Bombers, so the player will have to hurry and complete the picture before the Bomber comes to blow Kirby up. In the last room, the player has to type in a self-destruct code that will blow up Paint Roller and his Bombers.

Like the other sub-games, it has three difficulties, each of which indicates how many rounds the game will entail. On level one, the player is forced to endure ten rounds. At level two, it becomes fifteen, and level three goes on for one hundred rounds.


Speed and accuracy determine the rank.

  • AAA: Rainbow Hero
  • AA: Genius
  • A: Prodigy
  • B: Gifted Artist
  • C: Talent
  • D: Artist
  • E: Art Student
  • F: Sketcher
  • G: Dabbler
  • H: Scribbler
  • I: Scrawler
  • J: Doodler

List of Drawings

Related Quotes

Draw the picture in the same order as Paint Roller before Kirby rolls all the way to the right edge or before the Bomber catches him.
— Paint Panic • Kirby: Canvas Curse Instruction Booklet