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Overload Ocean is a mechanized ocean on Planet Popstar and serves as the third level of Kirby: Planet Robobot.

General Information

Overload Ocean is an ocean that has been largely taken over by a marine port built by the Haltmann Works Company. Shipping containers, submarines, cranes, and other apparatus are found here. In addition to this, the company has established a research facility, a giant building made out of frozen treats, and underwater cities. With Robobot Armor's Wheel and Ice Modes, Kirby can race through enemies and build snowmen.

By collecting at least six of the 15 Code Cubes scattered throughout Overload Ocean, Kirby disables the firewall protecting the boss. He then meets and fights Susie.

Copy Abilities

KTD Beam icon.png
KTD Bomb icon.png
KTD Cutter icon.png
KPR Doctor icon.png
KPR ESP icon.png
KTD Fighter icon.png
KTD Fire icon.png
KTD Hammer icon.png
KTD Ice icon.png
KPR Jet icon.png
KTD Leaf icon.png
KTD Mike icon.png
KPR Mirror icon.png
KTD Ninja icon.png
KTD Parasol icon.png
KPR Poison icon.png
KTD Sleep icon.png
KPR SmashBros icon.png
Smash Bros.
KTD Spark icon.png
KTD Stone icon.png
KTD Sword icon.png
KTD Wheel icon.png

Robobot Abilities

KPR Pause Beam Robobot artwork.png
Beam Mode
KPR Pause Bomb Robobot artwork.png
Bomb Mode
KPR Pause ESP Robobot artwork.png
ESP Mode
KPR Pause Fire Robobot artwork.png
Fire Mode
KPR Pause Ice Robobot artwork.png
Ice Mode
KPR Pause Parasol Robobot artwork.png
Parasol Mode
KPR Pause Spark Robobot artwork.png
Spark Mode
KPR Pause Sword Robobot artwork.png
Sword Mode
KPR Pause Wheel Robobot artwork.png
Wheel Mode

Code Cubes

Stage 1

  1. Destroy the Bomb Block in the sloping room after Blocky.
  2. Place Cannon on left fuse. Use Fire Mode to light fuse.
  3. Break Durable Blocks with Robobot Armor near Docking Station. Go underwater and take the pipe to the left to the background.

Stage 2

  1. 3D Spring Hopper during first Wheel Mode segment; parallels Glunk; in plain sight.
  2. In optional room after second Wheel Mode segment.
  3. Jump near end of third Wheel Mode segment.

Stage 3

  1. Follow the correct path as displayed by the screen in the background: ride 3D Warp Star, skip 3D Warp Star, ride 3D Warp Star.
  2. Use crank to move platform to destroy Star Blocks underneath Treasure Chest.
  3. Press all switches in autoscrolling room.

Stage 4

  1. Near the end of the room with Invincible Candy. Underneath the door.
  2. In the next room, use Ice/Parasol to douse and destroy Fire Blocks. Enter the optional room. Douse Fire Blocks to access Battery to activate Swap Chamber.
  3. Place head on third snowman.

Stage 5

  1. In optional room in second room, catch the Battery and use on the Swap Chamber.
  2. In room with Rare Sticker/after Bonkers, destroy blocks on the right of the room and pound the stake. Travel into the foreground and locate the Code Cube.
  3. In the next room, catch the Battery near the end of the room and use it on Swap Chamber.

Stage 7

  1. Carry the Battery to the Swap Chamber to access the optional room. Use ESP to power lower wire to open upper gate.
  2. Use Ice Mode to freeze water spouts. Carry wire block to the rest of the wire. Use Spark Mode to power wire to open the gate.
  3. In Treasure Chest after defeating King Doo 2.0.

Rare stickers

Stage Rare Sticker Image Guide
Stage 1 Kirby KPR Sticker 83.png In room with the third Code Cube; in the far left area in the background in a crate.
Stage 2 Gryll KPR Sticker 122.png After the third Code Cube; use 3D Spring Hopper when red storage containers appear in background (before the three Glunks).
Stage 3 People of the Sky KPR Sticker 189.png In room with the first Robobot Armor, place a heavy block on crank platform, move platform to the background, and use 3D Warp Star to go into the background; jump onto heavy block to reach higher area; break Durable Blocks.
Stage 4 Ribbon KPR Sticker 123.png In an optional room with the second Code Cube, destroy Fire Blocks in the bottom left of the hollow square.
Stage 5 Daroach KPR Sticker 162.png After defeating Bonkers, use Hammer to pound the stakes beforehand. Enter the door and open a Treasure Chest in next room.
Stage 7 Claycia KPR Sticker 198.png After the first Code Cube, under the boat supporting the door.


Overload Ocean's name comes from a software engineering process in computers.

Its Japanese name, Octarn Ocean, is a reference to the octal numeral system, which is base-8 instead of base-10.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese オクターン オーシャン Officially romanized as Octarn Ocean.
English Overload Ocean
Korean 오버로드 오션 Officially romanized as Overload Ocean.
German Bildschöne Brandung Translates to Beautiful Breakers.
French Océan Optique Translates to Optical Ocean.
Italian Spiaggia Ottica Translates to Optical Beach.
Spanish Océano Octal Translates to Octal Ocean.


"Bountiful Star" plays in Stage 1, the first two rooms of Stage 2, and the first room in Stage 3. "Pink Ball Activate!" plays in Stage 2 after obtaining Wheel Mode. "Industrial Laboratory" plays in Stage 3 after entering the lab; this is a remix of "Float Islands" from Kirby's Dream Land. "Time for Dessert!" plays in Stage 4. "Rhythm Code" plays in the puzzle rooms in Stages 4 and 5. "Submarine Suburbs" plays in Stage 5. "Haltmann Works Co. Theme Song" plays in Stage 6 during the "Susie, Executive Assistant" cutscene. “Let’s Go Home” plays in Stage 6 after defeating Susie. Stage 7 features music from past games: "Machine Mansion" from Kirby: Canvas Curse, which is a remix of the floating boat theme from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, plays in the first room; "Float Islands" from Kirby Air Ride, which is also a remix of Float Islands, plays in the second and sixth rooms; "Learn the Rules" from Kirby's Dream Course plays in the puzzle room; "Aurora Area" from Kirby's Return to Dream Land plays in the third and fourth rooms; "Top Ride: Water" from Kirby Air Ride plays in the fifth room.


  • In Stage 1, the first enemy seen is a Knuckle Joe, and just after it is a small body of water. In Kirby Super Star and its remake, the first enemy in Float Islands is also a Knuckle Joe, and just after it is a small body of water.
  • In the track "Bountiful Star", a leifmotif of Float Islands can be heard.