An outfit is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Fighters Deluxe.

General Information

Outfits are generally pieces of clothing or armor that Kirby or another playable character can obtain and wear. They often only serve as cosmetic changes to suit the player's tastes and give him/her more to wear than a standard costume. These costumes go by different names depending on the game and occasionally include a unique-looking weapon.

Rare Outfits

Rare outfits are obtained by beating Single Player Mode with a specific Copy Ability. The changes are purely aesthetic and do not increase attack damage or attack hitbox size. By playing Single Player again, there is a chance that an opponent Kirby might wear an unlocked rare outfit.

Name Game of origin Description Image
KA logo
Wears Blade Knight's helmet and wields his sword Sword Rare
KA logo
Wears Sir Kibble's helmet Cutter Rare
Wears Marx's hat and wields a scepter with a magenta orb Beam Rare
Wields a Japanese paper parasol Parasol Rare
Wears a headband bearing the colors of construction barricade tape and wields a metal hammer Hammer Rare
Wears an orange party hat decorated with purple diamonds, a rainbow pom-pom, and a pink heart-shaped gem with a gold rim and wields purple bombs decorated with pink hearts Bomb Rare
Wears a black 10-gallon hat with yellow stars and wields a whip with a light blue handle Whip Rare
Wears a Robin Hood hat with a grass blade-like design and golden trim, and wields a white bow with a purple star Archer Rare
Wears Knuckle Joe's headband Fighter Rare
Wears an assassin's hood and a forehead protector with a yellow star in front Ninja Rare
KAR logo
Wears the Hydra helmet Beetle Rare
Wears a Bonshō bell and wields two bronze bells Bell Rare


We're giving masks to everyone who has played Kirby: Triple Deluxe, as a token of appreciation! Just press L or R on the level-selection screen to swap masks!
— Announcement • Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe

Masks can be unlocked for King Dedede to wear. In addition to changing the look of the king's face to reflect another character, a voice clip from the character plays on every fourth backbeat. Dedede can wear a Kirby Mask, Meta Knight Mask, Waddle Dee Mask, Masked Dedede Mask, and Taranza Mask.

Masks are unlocked based on certain criteria. The Masked Dedede Mask is obtained after completing every normal level. The Taranza Mask is obtained after completing every secret level. The Kirby, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee Masks are obtained if the game detects Kirby: Triple Deluxe save data on the system.


KPR Maxim Tomato Main article: Armor
KPR Maxim Tomato Main article: Weapon

Armor and weapons are available at Magolor's Shoppe in the village, where they can be purchased with Gem Apples and Fragments. Unlike other outfits in the series, these increase Kirby's stats and can be upgraded to increase them even more.


Every Copy Ability (excluding poll winners) and character has three costumes, referred to as headgear, in addition to their default costumes. Most of these are obtained from an in-game shop, though amiibo from the Kirby and BOXBOY! series are required to unlock special costumes for the Sword and Bomb abilities, as well as each of the non-Kirby characters.

Headgear does not alter gameplay in any way, and serves only cosmetic purposes. Swapping headgears typically changes the weapon that is being held as well. An example of this is the Newspaper Hat, which also changes Kirby's sword into a rolled-up newspaper. Likewise, equipping the Gymnastics Leotard changes Kirby's whip to a ribbon.

The first headgear for an ability costs 750 Battle Coins, the second costs 1500 Battle Coins, and the third costs 3000 Battle Coins. For Waddle Dee and Meta Knight, they are 1500, 3000, and 6000. For King Dedede, they are 3000, 6000, and 9000. For amiibo-related headgear, they are unlocked just by using the amiibo.

Name Copy Ability / Character Game of origin Description Image Notes
Gigant Helmet Sword
KRtDL Logo
A helmet that belongs to a certain brave soul. It's known for its solid protection. Gigant Helmet Headgear
Newspaper Hat
This helmet is made of newspapers. It's tricky to make it look nice and neat. Newspaper Hat Headgear
Dyna Helmet
This helmet is designed after the legendary bird with large white wings. Dyna Helmet Headgear
Ultra Sword Hat
KRtDL Logo
A well-made replica of the hat that's tied to the legendary planet-cleaving sword. Ultra Sword Hat Headgear Unlocked using a Kirby amiibo.
Foley Cap Bomb
KAtM logo
This hat is fashioned after a certain someone who can explode at will. Foley Cap Headgear
Bomb Cap
Made from a bomb that's chopped in half. It could blow at any moment. Bomb Cap Headgear
Boom Cap
A party popper in hat form. It's an unexpectedly fashionable favorite. Boom Cap Headgear
Qbby Cap BOXBOY! This mysterious headgear can supposedly bend boxes to its will. Qbby Cap Headgear Obtained using a Qbby amiibo. Qbby is the protagonist of the BOXBOY! series, which is developed by HAL Laboratory.
Hornhead Helmet Beetle
KTD logo
This headgear features the giant horn from the king of insects. Hornhead Helmet Headgear
Woodpecker Hat
This headgear trades a horn for a fierce bird beak! Woodpecker Hat Headgear
Hydra Helmet
KAR logo
This headgear is based on the legendary combat vehicle! Hydra Helmet Headgear This headgear appeared as Beetle's rare outfit in Kirby Fighters Deluxe.
Javelin Knight Helm Spear
KA logo
This bright helmet is worn by the boldest of spear masters. Javelin Knight Helm Headgear
Devil Horns
This headgear slaps horns on your head. Great for mischief making! Devil Horns Headgear
Sectonia Mask
KTD logo
This mask looks like a queen whose ambitions got the best of her. Sectonia Mask Headgear
Sir Kibble Helmet Cutter
KA logo
This golden helmet really puts a mean gleam on those who wear it. Sir Kibble Helmet Headgear This headgear appeared as Cutter's rare outfit in Kirby Fighters Deluxe.
This colorful hairstyle really makes a statement in battle! Mohawk Headgear
Knight Helmet
This helmet makes its wearer feel saddled up for battle! Knight Helmet Headgear
Knuckle Joe Hair Fighter
This spiky hair is full of fiery style. Great for going out and grabbing victory! Knuckle Joe Hair Headgear This headgear, excluding the hair, appeared as Fighter's rare outfit in Kirby Fighters Deluxe.
Wrestling Mask
Who is that masked man? Or so everyone will ask in battle. Wrestling Mask Headgear
Goriath Hat
KRtDL Logo
This hat is designed to look like a mighty ape who lives in icy heights. Goriath Hat Headgear
Bio Spark Helmet Ninja
This headgear is worn by the elite of ninja trickery. Shiny too! Bio Spark Helmet Headgear The Swordsman's Helm greatly resembles the Bio Spark Helmet.
This is the look of a sword master who risks all! Topknot Headgear
Samurai Helmet
This helmet was passed down from a legendary samurai. Smells a bit. Samurai Helmet Headgear
Whippy Hat Whip
KRtDL Logo
This hat looks like a curious creature with a long, swinging tail. Whippy Hat Headgear
Gymnastics Leotard
All eyes will be on the wearer of this elegant, dazzle-tastic look! Gymnastics Leotard Headgear
Daroach Hat
KSQSQ logo
A hat based on that notorious thief. Perfect for stealing victories! Daroach Hat Headgear Kirby's whip resembles the Triple Star cane.
Bouncy Umbrella Parasol
KDL2 logo
This cute umbrella is perfect for skipping around battle. Bouncy Umbrella Headgear
Paper Parasol
This attractive parasol is crafted from light, refined materials. Paper Parasol Headgear This headgear appeared as Parasol's rare outfit in Kirby Fighters Deluxe.
Fancy Umbrella
This umbrella is all about form over function. Ribbony excellence! Fancy Umbrella Headgear
Dedede Hammer Hammer
KDL logo
This hammer is great for swinging around like a king. Dedede Hammer Headgear This hammer has King Dedede's peace sign in a blue circle instead of a yellow star in a red circle.
Toy Hammer
This hammer looks like a toy but packs just as much of a wallop as others! Toy Hammer Headgear Toy Hammer is based on the hammers used by the Mini Dededes.
Grand Hammer Replica
KRtDL Logo
This hammer is modeled after an absolutely gigantic hammer of legend! Grand Hammer Replica Headgear Kirby's hammer resembles the Super Hammer Plus.
Chemitory Hat Doctor
This headgear is chock-full of mad-scientist vitamins. Chemitory Hat Headgear
Nurse Cap
This cap will tell everyone in battle that you're a healer at heart. Nurse Cap Headgear
Sacred Hat
This headgear is perfect for those with a sacred duty to care for others. Sacred Hat Headgear This headgear greatly resembles the Golden Cap armor from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.
Twister Helmet Tornado
KA logo
This mysterious living headgear can produce a tornado by spinning. Twister Helmet Headgear
The spinner on his headgear is a non-stop source of whimsy. Pinwheel Headgear
Kracko Hat
KDL logo
This headgear looks like the thunderous troublemaker! Kracko Hat Headgear
Mr. Frosty Ice
KA logo
This headgear has the cutest eyes. Great for looking innocent. Mr. Frosty Headgear
Freeze Hood
KA logo
This hood is extra-warm, even in the coldest weather. Freeze Hood Headgear This headgear may be the reason why Freeze was not an eligible Copy Ability in the Copy Ability Poll.
Snow Bowl
KRtDL Logo
This hat is a replica of one that grants its wearer legendary power over blizzards. Snow Bowl Headgear
Sailor Cap Waddle Dee
This cap is a favorite among those working on a certain battle ship. Sailor Cap Headgear
Straw Hat
This straw hat is a must for the beach. Great for keeping the rays away! Straw Hat Headgear
Animal Hat Kiddyland This hat is simply adorable. Must be nice looking like a cute animal! Animal Hat Headgear This headgear is based on a Waddle Dee costume from the Kirby Pu-Pu-Pu Picnic event.
Café Cap Kirby Café This cap is worn when working in a certain café. Stylish! Café Cap Headgear Unlocked using a Waddle Dee amiibo.
Dark Meta Knight Mask Meta Knight
KAtM logo
This headgear has the look of that dark knight sealed in the mirror. Dark Meta Knight Mask Headgear
Party Mask
This headgear was worn at a party thrown by a famous host. Party Mask Headgear
Mecha Knight Mask
This headgear is based on a certain cyborg look. Looks tough! Mecha Knight Mask Headgear
Galacta Knight Mask
KSSU logo
This headgear looks like a legendary warrior with powers of great destruction. Galacta Knight Mask Headgear Unlocked using a Meta Knight amiibo.
Knit Cap King Dedede Kirby Café This cap is perfect when dressing to go to a certain café. Knit Cap Headgear This headgear is based on an artwork of Dedede from the Kirby Café.
Gentlemen's Hat
This hat is utter perfection for the refined gentleman. Gentleman's Hat Headgear The hammer resembles the hammer on a Squeaky Hammer Machine.
King's Crown
This gold crown is studded with gems. Must have cost a fortune to make! King's Crown Headgear
Masked Dedede Mask
KSSU logo
This mask is said to contain mighty power. Looks seriously scary! Masked Dedede Mask Headgear Unlocked using a King Dedede amiibo.

Classic Kirby

KSA Gooey artwork This section has a conjectural title
KSA Retro Kirby 4

Classic Kirby completes a stage with three Burning Leos.

When the player clears The Ultimate Choice on the Soul Melter EX difficulty, he/she unlocks a button on the Select Mode screen. Pressing it causes Kirby's physical appearance in every mode to change—it reflects Kirby's original design from Kirby's Dream Land. Pressing the button again reverts him back to his modern design.

Rare Hats

Rare Hats are obtained by collecting enough Fighters Points. Players can obtain a Rare Hat of The Three Mage-Sisters or of Sword Hero if there is Kirby Star Allies or Super Kirby Clash data on the Switch, respectively.

Related Quotes

A Dream Button has been added to the Select Mode screen. It gives Kirby the look he had when he first debuted as a character!
— Celebration Picture Reward! • Kirby Star Allies


  • Taranza's voice, provided by Hirokazu Ando, had never been heard prior to Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe. The Taranza Mask allowed players to hear it for the first time.[1]
  • Despite the "Celebration Picture Reward!" title on the Classic Kirby announcement message, completing a celebration picture does not unlock the costume.



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