Use the Rocket Metamortex to battle invading forces of the Outer Rings. Take on Orbitflies, UFOs, and Space Jellies on your way to face the mighty Space Kracko. Collect beads from defeated enemies, and blast these baddies into deep space!
— Official guide

Outer Rings is the 43rd stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It is the second unlockable and seventh level in Space Land, the seventh world in the game. It comes after Moon Base and precedes Whispy's Forest in Dream Land.

Outer Rings is a straight shoot-'em-up as Kirby grabs the Rocket metamortex at the beginning. Space Kracko appears eventually as a mid-boss.


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  • The Kirby's Epic Yarn guidebook states that Space Jellies are found in this level. This may be a mistake, as Spore Jellies appear instead.


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