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Roses are red. Violets are blue. Here we come, Tiff. We're gonna draw you!
— Otakings • Tooned Out

The Otakings, consisting of Biggie (Piggie in Japan), Bony, and Sleepy, are a trio of characters that only appeared in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Tooned Out.

Physical Appearance

Biggie is a round otaku. He has a large chin and wears transparent light blue glasses in addition to a blue cap backwards on his head. He wears yellow shoes as well as a red-and-blue T-shirt, over which he wears a full-body apron. His eyes are most often seen closed.

Bony is a tall, lanky otaku. His long black hair covers his eyes, as does the yellow bandana he wears. He wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt with a pink, open T-shirt over it. Bony also wears long red pants and green shoes.

Sleepy is a short otaku with a somewhat fish-like mouth. He wears round white glasses over his eyes, has a large chin, and has human-like ears and yellow hair. Sleepy also wears a white T-shirt and red shoes.

General Information

The Otakings are a group of three otakus who are expert animators. In the 4Kids dub, the Otakings speak like stereotypical hippies or surfers.

King Dedede purchased this trio of otakus from Nightmare Enterprises to help him create his own anime, starring Dedede as the hero and Kirby as the villain. However, the Otakings thought that Tiff would make a better TV star, so they began following her around and took many pictures of her, much to her disgust. Dedede was not happy with them wanting to make Tiff the star, so he purchased Anige to help him produce the cartoon he'd wanted. However, Ainge was destroyed, so Dedede decided to put the Otakings' creation on display. However, much to Dedede's dismay, the show the Otakings had created starred a much taller and more personified anime-styled version of Tiff (even adding exaggerated breasts and longer legs with orange tights). Angry with this, Tiff chased the Otakings with a mallet.


The Otakings' name is a portmanteau of the words "otaku" (meaning "geek") and "kings". This is the same portmanteau adopted as a nickname by Toshio "Otaking" Okada, co-founder of anime production company Gainax and a well-known commentator on otaku culture in Japan. It is possible that the Otakings were named after him.


Fumu-tan of the stars, so very sexy...
— Otakings • Tooned Out
She's so awesome, she deserves her own animated series.
— Biggie • Tooned Out
Why don't we make her the hero?
— Bony • Tooned Out
We need more recordings of her voice to use in the cartoon.
— Sleepy • Tooned Out
Sleepy: It wasn't easy, dude, but we did it.
Biggie: We had to draw it really fast.
Bony: But it's way cool!
— Otakings • Tooned Out

Related Quotes

I bet they don't have enough brains among the three of 'em to fill a pencil case.
— Escargoon • Tooned Out


  • A few scenes show that the Otakings own figurines of the Island Sisters (as well as a magazine sporting their image on the cover) and mini-figures from the episode Snack Attack - Part I. The only figures they don't own are Meta Knight (the rarest) and Trooper (the most common).
  • Biggie's original Japanese name was most likely changed through translation, as "ピ" (Pi) and "ビ" (Bi) are visually similar in Japan.


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