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This place is just sand, sand, and more sand! I wonder how far it goes...
— Elfilin • Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Originull Wasteland is the fifth level of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It is unlocked by completing Winter Horns, and its completion unlocks Redgar Forbidden Lands. Sillydillo appears as the boss of this level, requiring 25 Waddle Dees to access its stage.


  1. The Wastes Where Life Began
  2. Searching The Oasis
  3. Alivel Mall (Staff Side)
  4. Moonlight Canyon
  5. Boss: Collector in the Sleepless Valley

Treasure Roads

  1. Scissor-Lift Mouth Treasure
  2. Water-Balloon Mouth Treasure
  3. Gigant Sword Treasure
  4. Drill Treasure
  5. Ranger Treasure
  6. Toy Hammer Treasure
  7. Frosty Ice Treasure
  8. Dragon Fire Treasure
  9. Crystal Needle Treasure
  10. Buzz-Saw Cutter Treasure