Collect the most ore to win!
— Description • Kirby Battle Royale

Ore Express is one of the ten game modes in Kirby Battle Royale. Players collect Ore and throw them in oncoming train cars to get points. The player/team that throws in the most ore wins. It is unlocked for 800 battle coins.


The Cake Royale

Ore Express is first played in the first Gold League Battle during Story Mode.

Battle Mode

Ore Express 2

Ore Express on the Twisty Tunnels stage.

Players collect ore, appearing as green crystals, and throw it into an open train car when the train passes by. The train cars aren't always open; some close, and may open up a bit later. Ore is generally found lying on the ground or being carried by UFOs; attacking UFOs will cause them to drop their ore, which can be picked up, along with players, in a stack by pressing R, and using B to throw them. Additional obstacles may also be present, such as breakable fences. Throughout the mode, the arena is autoscrolling, meaning players have to constantly be on the move. Being squashed by a wall due to the autoscrolling, or hit by the train is an instant KO; ore also disappears if this happens to it. KO'd players appear floating with a halo above their heads before respawning a few seconds later.


Ore Express on the Logjam Pass stage.

After a certain time has passed, each player's ore count is totaled before the game resumes. At this point, golden ore appears that are worth five points.

A short time later, scores are totaled a second time before the game resumes. In addition to the golden ore, which is now more common, the train now has gold train cars that double the points of the ore thrown in; these train cars open and close at regular intervals.


  • Wayward Plains
  • Twisty Tunnels
  • Logjam Pass

Battle Bonuses

  • Ore Collector
    • Carried the most ore at once!
  • Ore Hauler
    • Dropped ore the least!
  • Ore-Throwing Pro
    • Hit rivals with the most ore!
  • UFO Buster
    • Defeated the most UFOs!

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Toss as much ore as you can into train cars. Get more points than your rivals to win!
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Throw ore into a gold train car if you see one. You'll get double points for that ore!
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Gather ore and toss it into the containers!
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Collect gemstones and fill the train as fast as you can. Don't forget to steal ore from your rivals!
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