Gather ore and toss it into the containers!
— Collection Lists • Kirby Battle Royale

Ore is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Battle Royale.

Physical Appearance

Regular ore resembles a green gem, while golden ore is a larger gem.


Kirby Battle Royale

Ore appears exclusively in the Ore Express game mode. It is found either lying on the ground or being carried in groups of three by UFOs. In order to gain points in the mode, players must collect and throw ore onto containers on train cars. Green ore is worth one point each; golden ore, which is less common, is worth five points each. These values are doubled if the ore is thrown into a golden train car. Ore is destroyed if it is run over by a train.

Like other carried items in Kirby Battle Royale, ore can be thrown at other players as an attack.


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