This cheeky monkey is bananas about throwing beads everywhere!
— Ooki's Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Ookis are common enemies appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. They first appear in the Fountain Gardens level. They generally appear in levels with grassy terrain such as Fountain Gardens and Whispy's Forest. Ookis do not respawn after being defeated.

Physical Appearance

Ookis look very similar to Waddle Doos. They are brown in color, have circular hands, dark brown feet, a mouth and a long tail.


Ookis are generally docile and do not attack. Instead, they throw beads at Kirby. Each Ooki throws 10 times - 1 value 10 bead, 2 value 5 beads and 7 value 1 beads in random order, for a total bead value of 27. When they run out of beads to throw, they just hang around and do nothing. However, in Whispy's Forest, while Kirby is in Tankbot mode, Ookis throw apples which damage the Tankbot.

If Kirby or Prince Fluff transform into their Weight form on Ooki's tail, he will fall off the tree and start running around.

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