Onion Ocean is the 3rd level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It takes place in tropical islands, aquatic caverns, and rocky shores. Kirby and his friends trek through this ocean in order to find the Lor Starcutter's left wing.

General Information

Onion Ocean is an ocean filled with many aquatic enemies such as Craby or Blipper. Strangely, Chillys seem to roam the beach stages. Also, aquatic areas and aquatic enemies are very common here.


Squishy Blipper Parasol Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Pierce Craby Walf Barracu Glunk Barbar Chilly Sodory Leafan Sparky Search Noddy Hot Head Poppy Bros. Jr. Lanzer Cappy Bronto Burt Gordo Water Galbo Shotzo Chilly Foley Waddle Doo Clayn Bulby Broom Hatter Super Hot Head Super Chilly


Kibble Blade Moundo Sphere Doomer


Fatty Puffer


Beam Bomb Crash Cutter Fire Hammer Ice Leaf Needle Parasol Sleep Spark Stone Sword Tornado Water

Super Abilities

Snow Bowl Monster Flame


Levels in Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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