Onion Garden is the final level in Gourmet Race, a sub-game in Kirby Super Star and its remake. This level is the only level where Copy Abilities appear, those being Wheel, Jet, Parasol, Wing, and Ninja. It is the most difficult and longest level of the three courses. The music is identical to Pumpkin Grand.

Course Description

Kirby and King Dedede start on flat ground. Continuing to the right, the ground slopes up, and above, there are the five Copy Essences each with abilities in which only Kirby can use. Then there is a drop and Kirby must drop down a and then continue to the right. The course then slopes up, and Kirby must now hover upwards through a tight passage lined with spikes on both sides. Once he reaches the top, there is a symmetrical drop and an area with pools of water. There is another drop, but this time Kirby must break through blocks in order to proceed. Then, there is a choice of two paths to the left. The upper one is a small shortcut of flat ground, then there is a drop to the lower path, which is blocked by columns of star blocks. After the last column, the ground becomes clouds, which slope up and down a few times until Kirby must float up again, this time without spikes, except for one spiked block. After floating up a long time, there is a small bit of flat ground, then a long drop down which ends in water. The ground slopes up again to the left, and there is more water. Kirby must float up through the water, and then there is more flat ground to the left. There is again a small drop, onto clouds, then Kirby must run to the right. There is yet another drop and clouds to the left again. After a short while, there are two paths upward to take. The farther one goes straight up through the clouds, while the nearer one goes slightly to the right, and there are a few platforms in between. Then there is the final stretch which leads to the finish line.

Copy Abilities