Your huge tyres let you power along the bumpiest roads and through the wettest marshlands. Collect items on stages and you'll be able to dash and go even faster!
— Official European Kirby's Epic Yarn website

Off-Roader is a Transformation that both Kirby and Prince Fluff can take on in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. The two can transform into this form by getting the relevant Metamortex. This form is only available in racing-type levels, which are Pyramid Sands, Dusk Dunes, and Frigid Fjords. It also appears in Meta Melon Isle.

Physical Appearance

Kirby becomes a pink and red monster truck with a black spoiler and wheels if he touches it, while Prince Fluff becomes a blue and orange monster truck with a black spoiler, wheels, and a crown if he touches it. The presence of the other player replaces the black spoiler with a jet engine which he/she can control.


While in this form, Kirby and Prince Fluff have a much higher top speed than in Car form, but have less acceleration. They will almost always have to race against Truck Monsters, consisting of one Cyclod driver, one Dandan driver, and Waddle Dee drivers, with the exception of Meta Melon Isle. Kirby cannot change his direction in this form, preventing him from getting any beads that fly off to the left from damage. Pressing button 1 (Wii) or B (3DS) will make Kirby accelerate. Pressing button 2 or A (3DS) will make him jump. Player 2 can activate the jet engine by shaking the Wii Remote every once in a while for a short time to boost jump distance and speed. Touching a Metamortex power-up will cause Kirby and Prince to gain a rocket for a short time that increases top speed, acceleration, and give the ability to plow through rock columns (breaking certain rock columns will reveal hidden beads). Depending on how well the player did against the other drivers, Kirby will get beads, the amount of which depends on the position Kirby finishes the race with at the Reel Gate, or none at all if Kirby got 4th place or lower. Taking Kirby out of the equation, the race always finishes with first, second, and third place taken by the Cyclod, the Dandan, and a Waddle Dee driver, in that order.


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