This stage requires you to soar through the skies. Duck into holes in clouds to avoid getting hit by those spiky balls!
— Official European Kirby's Return to Dream Land website

Nutty Noon is the fifth level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

General Information

Nutty Noon is the final level on Planet Popstar, and combines all the game's previous elements in its levels. Nutty Noon also introduces abstract and odd enemies, like Juckles and Gemras. Since the majority of Nutty Noon's levels takes place in the sky, most of the enemies have the ability to hover or fly, such as Owgulfs, Ceruleans, and Pactos. Kirby can use Super Abilities to clear the way in some stages, revealing dimensional rifts.

Stage 5 is a huge mid-boss rush that takes place in a tower that resembles the Mid-Boss Tower in Kirby's Adventure (and its remake). In order to obtain the Energy Spheres in the next room, Kirby must inhale the previous room's mid-boss. If Kirby goes through a hidden door in this level, he will have to fight different mid-bosses than normal, the Energy Sphere puzzles will be more challenging, and he will have to move right to left, instead of left to right.

Nutty Noon contains six stages. The mid-bosses of the second stage are Moundo and Spark Sphere Doomer, the mid-bosses of the fourth stage are Super Bonkers and Spark Sphere Doomer, and the fifth stage contains every mid-boss in the game other than Sphere Doomer and Super Bonkers. The boss of Nutty Noon is Grand Doomer, who guards the Mast of the Lor Starcutter.

Copy Abilities

KRtDL Beam iconKRtDL Beam UI
KRtDL Bomb iconKRtDL Bomb UI
KRtDL Cutter iconKRtDL Cutter UI
KRtDL Fighter iconKRtDL Fighter UI
KRtDL Fire iconKRtDL Fire UI
KRtDL Hammer iconKRtDL Hammer UI
KRtDL Hi-Jump iconKRtDL Hi-Jump UI
KRtDL Ice iconKRtDL Ice UI
KRtDL Leaf iconKRtDL Leaf UI
KRtDL Needle iconKRtDL Needle UI
KRtDL Ninja iconKRtDL Ninja UI
KRtDL Parasol iconKRtDL Parasol UI
KRtDL Sleep iconKRtDL Sleep UI
KRtDL Spark iconKRtDL Spark UI
KRtDL Spear iconKRtDL Spear UI
KRtDL Stone iconKRtDL Stone UI
KRtDL Sword iconKRtDL Sword UI
KRtDL Tornado iconKRtDL Tornado UI
KRtDL Water iconKRtDL Water UI
KRtDL Whip iconKRtDL Whip UI
KRtDL Wing iconKRtDL Wing UI

Super Abilities

KRtDL Flare Beam iconKRtDL Flare Beam UI
Flare Beam
KRtDL Grand Hammer iconKRtDL Grand Hammer UI
Grand Hammer
KRtDL Ultra Sword iconKRtDL Ultra Sword UI
Ultra Sword

Energy Spheres

Stage 1

  1. In the windy room, destroy the Star Blocks and enter the optional room.
  2. In the room with the platforms suspended by ropes, float to the alcove in the ceiling near the Ceruleans. Cut the rope above the optional door using Cutter, Spear, or Wing.
  3. In the room with the Tornado Copy Essence, enter the alcove to the left in the vertical section.
  4. In the room with the spike balls, reach the area with the Energy Sphere before the large spike ball destroys the Bomb Block on the ceiling.

Stage 2

  1. Use the Balloon Bomb to destroy the Durable Blocks hiding an optional door. Using Bomb from the Copy Essence, stand on the Switch to open the gate and throw a bomb at the Bomb Block.
  2. Use Stone from Moundo to pound the first and second stakes.
  3. Use Flare Beam to light all of the star boxes. After lighting the star boxes which create a smile, the dimensional rift zone will be revealed. Enter the Dimensional rift zone and defeat the Spark Sphere Doomer at the end.
  4. Defeat the Green Sphere Doomer at the end of the Dimensional rift zone.

Stage 3

  1. Race the Key Dee to the bottom. Defeat him before the platform below is destroyed.
  2. While scaling the tower, use Beam to destroy a Bomb Block in the building, allowing access to an optional room. Make it past the Cloud Pactos and pull the Ceiling Switch.
  3. Using Hi-Jump from Starman, press the red Switch to open the gate above, Hi-Jump and pull the red Ceiling Switch to open the gate to the right, let go of the Ceiling Switch before the gate below closes, Hi-Jump through the right gate before it closes.
  4. In the last room, occurred by one of the clouds above.

Stage 4

  1. Use the second Stomper Boot to destroy the Durable Blocks and bounce on the Gordos.
  2. Locate between the two Gigatzos.
  3. Use Grand Hammer's Super Hammer Plus to pound the giant stakes and one of the giant Strike Boxes. After reaching the top of the elevator, use Super Hammer Plus on the spring. After destroying the bell, the Dimension rift zone will appear. Enter the Dimensional rift zone and defeat the Green Sphere Doomer at the end.
  4. Defeat the Spark Sphere Doomer at the end of the Dimensional rift zone.

Stage 5

  1. Use Sword from Gigant Edge to cut rope.
  2. Use Stone from Moundo to destroy Metal Blocks.
  3. Use Water from Water Galboros to destroy Fire Blocks.
  4. Use Spark from Dubior to hit Bomb Block.

Secret Entrance

  1. Use Water from Water Galboros to destroy the Fire Blocks and hit the Switch.
  2. Use Spark from Dubior to hit Switches using Thunderbolt and Lightning Strike.
  3. Use Cutter or Sword from Kibble Blade & Gigant Edge to cut rope.
  4. Use Hammer or Stone from Bonkers & Moundo to pound the second stake.

Stage 6

  1. Defeat Grand Doomer to obtain the Mast.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ナッツ ヌーン Officially romanized as Nuts Noon.
English Nutty Noon
Simplified Chinese 坚果正午 Translates to Nuts Noon.
German Nussiger Nachmittag Translates to Nuttier Afternoon.
French Ascension azurée Translates to Azure Ascension.
Italian Frontiera Frittella Translates to Fritter Frontier
Spanish Nubes de Nata Translates to Cream Clouds.


  • Stage 2
  • Stage 2


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