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The last island has come into view! Just think of it! You defeated the Skullord! Necrodeus must be on this next island. Now, onward! To the final fight! Return to me safe and sound!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Necro Nebula is the final island in Kirby Mass Attack, coming after Volcano Valley; however, it can only be accessed after the player has collected all of the rainbow medals. It has a total of five stages; all of which are boss stages. The final boss is Necrodeus.

General Information

Necro Nebula is unique in having no regular stages; all of the stages are the bosses from the previous islands. Also, each boss has a different, purple color scheme. Another difference is that each boss only requires one Kirby; and to counteract this, fruits can now be obtained during the battles. Each boss now has more health as well. Every time the player defeats a boss, one of the four torches surrounding the last level are ignited. Once all of the torches are ignited, the last level becomes available. When the player first comes to the island, Skullions are patrolling it, effectively trapping the player on the island. Upon defeating all the bosses, the Skullions cease their patrol.


Stage 1

KMA Necro Nebula Stage 1.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 1

The Kirbys combat Whispy Woods, who attacks with spikes, spike balls, and gusts of wind.

Stage 2

KMA Necro Nebula Stage 2.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 1

The Kirbys combat Lady Ivy, who attacks with falling thorns, a sea of brambles, and Stacti.

Stage 3

KMA Necro Nebula Stage 3.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 1

The Kirbys combat King Dedede, who attacks with bombs and his hammer.

Stage 4

KMA Necro Nebula Stage 4.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 1

The Kirbys combat Skullord, who attacks with boulders, volcanic rocks, and spikes.

Boss Stage

KMA Necro Nebula Stage 5.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 10

The Kirbys combat Necrodeus, who attacks using his hands, lasers, and Skullions.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ネクロネビュラ Translates to Necro Nebula.
English Necro Nebula
Simplified Chinese 死灵星云 Translates to Necro Nebula.
French Nécro Nébula Translates to Necro Nebula.
Italian Necro Nebulosa Translates to Necro Nebula.
Spanish Necro Nebulosa Translates to Necro Nebula.


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Kirby Mass Attack: Necro Nebula
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Kirby Mass Attack
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Necro Nebula is Necrodeus's island stronghold in Kirby Mass Attack. It is the fifth and final level in the game.

Related Quotes

Necrodeus is said to dwell in a place untouched by light. Bad place. And very difficult to break into. It's sealed by the power of darkness. You'll need a massive amount of light to pry that seal loose. All the rainbow power in the world might just do the trick. Yes, I'm sure of it. Find all the rainbow power you can.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack


  • Kirby Mass Attack’s code contains early splash screens of four levels. Necro Nebula is not among them. Based on the number of stages in the final game, this could suggest that Necro Nebula and Volcano Valley were not planned to exist at that point in development.[1]