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This enormous spaceship is packed with puzzling machines. Face an endless supply of Waddle Doos, spin rotating platforms into place, and alter the ship's gravity with the yank of a button. Uncover the secrets of the Mysterious UFO!
— Official guide

Mysterious UFO is the 39th stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and third in Space Land, the seventh world in the game. It comes after Tube Town and precedes Stellar Way. There are no metamortexes in the level.

The level appears to be the generic interior of a space installation, but from its name, it's clear that Kirby is inside a UFO in Patch Land. The level shares the same theme background music as Future City.


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This level starts off with low-gravity, which allows Kirby to jump much higher than usual, but it also means he cannot stomp out cloth blocks in weight form. There are switches throughout which toggle the gravity between low and high.


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