A sugary-sweet melody, courtesy of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Get up high using the Super Jump, and hit the backbeat cymbals with A!
— Description • Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe

Must Dash is the second level in Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe. It succeeds Floral Fields and precedes Reflected Laughter. It is part of an amusement park built by Magolor.[1]

General Information

King Dedede bounces across drums while collecting Musical Coins. The background is a blue hue. Green trees, sunflowers, giant wheels, a pirate ship, and various other structures decorate it. The sun and clouds appear as cardboard cutouts suspended in the air by strings.

The secret version of this level has more animated background details. Included among them are the sun, clouds, giant wheels, and a pirate ship. Crescent moon shapes and wavy lines hover in the air as well.

The music that plays here is a rearrangement of "Must Dash" from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. The player is given two minutes and 45 seconds to clear this stage.

Normal Level

This stage contains a few more hazards than Floral Fields. The tempo is slightly faster than the first level's, bumpers appear to bump Dedede away, and winged drums appear--some of them float back and forth while others fly between the foreground and background. Some enemies also inhabit the stage: Bronto Burts hover in the air and Clown Acrobots bounce up and down. Beneficial objects also appear: Two backbeat cymbals create strings of coins when struck, and a Recovery Ring is introduced to heal Dedede. The level ends when Dedede reaches the Goal Drum and launches skyward.

Secret Level

By clearing the first six levels, the player unlocks secret levels. Must Dash is unlocked by completing the secret Floral Fields.

The tempo in this level is the same as its normal counterpart. There are fewer drums to bounce on and many of them are small, making the path full of pits. Bumpers and other hovering hazards are common here. The most notably addition to this level is the use of blindfold banners--these long textiles are carried by Bronto Burts and obscure the drum immediately in front of Dedede.

In addition to these enemies, others also inhabit the stage: A Gordo, Big Gordos, and other Bronto Burts hover in the air while Clown Acrobots bounce up and down. The stage ends when Dedede reaches the Goal Drum and launches skyward.

Hidden keychains

Keychains are hidden in the background of every level in the game. The keychains in Must Dash and its secret counterpart are Kirby from Kirby's Adventure and Parasol Waddle Dee. The former appears in each level, and the latter represents Waddle Dee, as he is a staple character in the Kirby series.

Related quotes

New to this version of level 2: the blindfold banner and lots of drums that keep coming and going...
— Description (secret) • Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe



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