Mrs. Moley is a giant mole, and is the boss of Nature Notch. She is widely believed to be the wife (or possibly real-world counterpart) of Moley, the boss of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror's Cabbage Cavern level, although it's just as likely that Moley is the mirror counterpart and not the husband.

She digs through the ground, and pops out of one of two holes to throw various objects at Kirby. They include oil barrels (giving the Fire ability to Kirby), tires (giving Wheel), bombs (giving Bomb, obviously), spiked balls with sharp edges (which gives Cutter), and other things like rocks and screws. Every so often she will retreat to the background and out of Kirby's reach. While in the background, she may also try to jump into the air and dive onto Kirby. If she misses one of the holes and instead lands on the rocky ground, however, she will briefly be stunned before scurrying off to the nearest hole.

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Moley is a large female mole, and is the female counterpart of Moley. She greatly resembles Moley, and the only difference between the two is that Mrs. Moley has a pretty bouquet of pink flowers around the top of her head. In the middle of the flowers is a bright red poppy. She has broad yellow paws and sharp red claws.

She is also shown to have a curly, pig-like tail and a marsupial-like pouch, both of which can be seen when she is fully visible and outside one of her holes.


  • Usually Kirby will never inhale something without the player pressing down on the control pad first. This isn't true in this battle though, as Kirby will automatically swallow any of the small bits of rubble that Mrs. Moley may toss out.
  • Whenever Mrs. Moley lands on the hard rocky floor in contrast to falling into one of the two holes on either side of the screen, Mrs. Moley will also take a small amount of damage along with being stunned (this is a possible method of, in a very embarrassing way, defeating her).

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