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They are my pieces! Return the one you have!
— Mr. Star • Kirby's Super Star Stacker

Mr. Star is the star that accompanies Kirby in Kirby's Star Stacker and its remake. He is one of the many allies that has accompanied Kirby throughout his adventures, although to date he has only made two appearances in the entire Kirby series.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Star is a regular, glistening yellow star. He is about the same size as Kirby and is commonly shown with a silvery-white glow around him. He has an expressive face and two round white gloves. At the beginning of their adventure, Mr. Star is meek and saddened as he has lost all of his Star Pieces, but as the story progresses and he gets more and more Star Pieces back, he becomes more energetic and lively.

His relation to the other two personified celestial bodies in the series, Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright is unknown, nor does the duo appear in either of the games. However all three have similar names, concepts, and appearances.


Kirby's Super Star Stacker

In the story mode of the Super Famicom remake, the begins when Mr. Star is flying overhead far above Planet Popstar. King Dedede spots him and shoots him down with a powerful cannon. It is a direct hit, and Mr. Star is shattered into shards. Mr. Star is drained of his power, no longer has the strength to stay afloat in space. He crashed down to the planet below and meets Kirby. Kirby befriends him and the two set off in search of the Star Pieces.

The two eventually collect all but one of the pieces and make their way to Dedede. Mr. Star was able to build up enough energy and blast Dedede out of the castle. With all of the Star Pieces back in his possession, Mr. Star leaves Popstar and goes back into space.

If Kirby manages to defeat all his previous opponents on the first try, a mysterious witch named Gryll shows up to challenge Kirby.