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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. For the enemy that debuted in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and its large variant, see Chip and Big Chip. For the item in Kirby Battle Royale, see Chip (item).

I'm sorry, but in my classroom, everyone is equal, whether you're royalty or not. Let's try again, shall we, Dedede?
— Mr. Chip • Teacher's Threat

Mr. Chip is a nice man who grew up in a village and wanted to be a school teacher when he grew up. However, he had a hard time finding a teaching job, so Nightmare Enterprises had him sign a contract so he could find the perfect teaching job in exchange for doing bad things to Kirby. This made Mr. Chip into a contract monster (but not an actual monster at all). However, Mr. Chip is much too nice to be up to doing anything to harm any of his students, not even Kirby. Mr. Chip is very smart, smarter than even Tiff, who becomes quite fond of him, leading King Dedede and Escargoon to call her the "teacher's pet". Mr. Chip explains many helpful things to his students during class, and believes that Dedede himself could use a bit of encouragement. Eventually, Dedede learns that Mr. Chip, as said before, was a contract monster who couldn't do a single thing to hurt his students, and buys Nekketsu in hopes of teaching everyone at the Dedede Academy a real lesson, but that is eventually foiled by Sword Kirby, who takes out the school with the monster. Tiff feels bad but Mr. Chip gladly promises to her that he will find a real, better teaching job, which makes her happy with tears of joy, before he leaves Cappy Town to look for the teaching job he wants to find.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Chip is a school teacher. He has brown Elvis-like hair and wears transparent glasses below his eyes, and he wears light brown shoes and pants, a dark green shirt with white linings and a single gray button, and a brown coat. Mr. Chip often tends to carry around a black parasol and bookcase with him wherever he goes. Chip appears to be the same species as Tiff and her family based on his appearance.


Punishment won't help him learn. What Dedede could use is a bit of encouragement.
— Mr. Chip • Teacher's Threat
I couldn't find a teaching job anywhere and that's when Nightmare Enterprises approached me. I signed a contract and they sent me here. But once I met these students I just couldn't bring myself to hurt them, you see.
— Mr. Chip • Teacher's Threat

Related Quotes

I've got a better suggestion. If you really need someone for the job, I know a nice man who'd be perfect, and it just so happens he's a real teacher!
— Tiff • Teacher's Threat
If Mr. Chip could stay here in Cappy Town, I'd be the happiest girl alive. Mr. Chip is a wonderful man!
— Tiff • Teacher's Threat
I am not so sure about this Mr. Chip.
— Meta Knight • Teacher's Threat
Well you see, Chip's not an honest-to-badness monster per se, but we knew he could teach, so we hired him and told him to act like a monster.
— N.M.E. Sales Guy • Teacher's Threat
He ain't no teacher. He's a preacher!
— King Dedede exposing Mr. Chip for why he came to the Dedede Academy • Teacher's Threat


  • Mr. Chip is based on a character from the novel Goodbye, Mr. Chips, which is about a teacher.