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Car Mouth, one of the forms of Mouthful Mode and the first Kirby assumes.

Mouthful Mode is a mechanic debuting in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Kirby gains this ability when he goes through the vortex into the "new world". He enters this state when he inhales a sparkling object where, instead of being able to swallow it completely, he will stretch into the shape of said object. In this state, Kirby gains certain properties based on the object inhaled.

List of Forms

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Name Description Image Object artwork
Arch Mouth Kirby stretches over an archway. In this state, he can glide through the air and perform a corkscrew attack to take out oncoming foes. Gameplay whenever Kirby uses his Arch Mouth resembles controlling the Arwing from the Star Fox games, with his corkscrew attack making him seem to do a "barrel roll". KatFL Arch Mouth artwork.png KatFL Arch Mouth object artwork.png
Big-Rig Mouth Kirby can use this during the final phase of his fight with Fecto Elfilis, and stretches over a semi-truck that allows him to plow through any obstacles that gets in his way. It can be considered as the stronger iteration of Car Mouth. Big Rig Mouth.jpg
Car Mouth Kirby stretches over the top of a car, and can travel at high speeds, boosting over ramps and plowing through enemies. It is comparable to the Wheel ability, most particularly the Robobot Armor Mode. KatFL Car Mouth artwork.png KatFL Car Mouth object artwork.png
Cone Mouth Kirby stretches over the top of a cone, reducing his run cycle to a slow waddle. In this state, he can drop down head-first and poke through certain pieces of terrain that can't be broken otherwise. His ground-pound is comparable to the Stone ability. KatFL Cone Mouth artwork.png KatFL Cone Mouth object artwork.png
Dome Mouth Kirby stretches over a dome; this allows him to twist it and pop open the container underneath, in order to unlock whatever content is inside, such as captured Waddle Dees or items. Kirby uses this to free his friend Elfilin from Fecto Elfilis and to reveal Chaos Elfilis's heart.
Light-Bulb Mouth Kirby stretches over a light bulb, allowing him to light up dark rooms and power up machines with the press of a button. However, if the bulb is turned on, then it will slow his movement speed. It is comparable to the Light ability from Kirby's Adventure, the Spark ability when combined with Kine in Kirby's Dream Land 2 or Kirby's Dream Land 3 or Bomb for the Bomb + Spark Power Combo in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. KatFL Light Bulb Mouth artwork.png KatFL Light Bulb Mouth object artwork.png
Pipe Mouth Kirby stretches over a large pipe and rolls down a hill, crashing into a cracked wall which requires a sufficient amount of speed to destroy. He can immediately defeat any foe that he steamrolls over in this form.
Ring Mouth Kirby stretches over a hoop-shaped object that allows him to exhale huge gusts of wind, destroying obstacles that he cannot break on his own. While standing on a raft, Kirby's breath can propel it forward. KatFL Ring Mouth artwork.png KatFL Ring Mouth object artwork.png
Coaster Mouth Kirby stretches over a rollercoaster cart, allowing him to ride on tracks. He can lean left and right to collect coins and other items. KatFL Coaster Mouth.png KatFL Coaster.png
Scissor-Lift Mouth Kirby stretches over a scissor-lift, allowing him to move in straight lines and stretch himself upwards and downwards. Kirby will be jumping from the lift's maximum height upon ending his Scissor-Lift Mouthful Mode.
Stairs Mouth Kirby stretches over a set of stairs and can walk around in order to relocate them and get to high areas that can't be reached through regular means such as hovering. He can also "fall over" on any flat side as a way to stomp enemies and break blocks in his way. 200px-KatFL Stairs Mouth Screenshot.png
Storage Mouth Kirby stretches over a locker that's blocking a path, small room or a hint to a puzzle, this allows him to tip it over on the floor and enter or see what's behind.
Vending Mouth Kirby stretches over a vending machine, slowing him down but letting him shoot juice cans at his foes. He has a limited supply, but can pick up small spinning soda cans that may appear in order to re-stock. It is comparable to the Ice + Spark Power Combo. KatFL Vending Mouth artwork.png KatFL Vending Mouth object artwork.png
Water-Balloon Mouth Kirby drinks a voluminous amount of water from a spigot, which slows his movement speed, stretches his skin to a translucent state, and allows him to spray water. This can wash away toxic sludge, lava, or dirt, and water withered flowers. It is reminiscent of the Water ability. KatFL Water Balloon Mouth artwork.png KatFL Water Balloon Mouth object artwork.png
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