KMA Morning Glory
Kirby Mass Attack screenshot
Morning glory
There's a potted plant inside that place. If you carry it into light, its flower will blossom. Good luck getting it to a light source. Enemies will be out to break its pot.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Morning glories are rare flowers that appear in Kirby Mass Attack.


Kirby Mass Attack

Morning glories are only found in Stage 6 of Volcano Valley in the haunted house. They start off as buds and will only grow if they are pushed into a source of light by the Kirbys. Once they are fully in bloom, the petals will disintegrate and leave behind an item in a bubble. The player must be careful of enemies when moving the plant's pot; Helmees will do very little damage to it, but Grindarrs will crack the pot and squash the plant if given the chance.


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