Hit the Tankbot Metamortex, and take back control of the Moon Base. Take on Bombers, Bronto Burts, and automatic turrets, then head out to blast your way through the meteor shower. The Moon Base may be well defended, but the Tankbot's missiles are up to the task!
— Official guide

Moon Base is the 42nd stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It is the first unlockable and sixth level in Space Land, the sixth world in the game. It comes after Meta Knight and precedes Outer Rings. The level is unlocked by getting sufficient beads in the battle against Meta Knight. The Tankbot metamortex is featured in the level.

It is an installation on a moon hovering above Space Land. Kirby is not exactly welcome on the station, and he eventually ventures outside into a hostile environment in Tankbot form. The level uses the classic powerup theme - the theme background music that plays for the Tankbot.


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Vents are scattered throughout the interior of the station. Once Kirby ventures outside, meteors replace them as a hazard. Timing is essential to grab the CD successfully without getting hit by one of them.


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Theme - Kabula
Remixed theme in Kirby: Planet Robobot
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Theme in Kirby Super Star Ultra
KSSU logo
Basic throbber3qIZxbFYNhU 25040px001iframe
Tankbot - Kirby's Epic Yarn
Epic Yarn Logo
Basic throbberjxLV9VMBjm8 25040px001iframe
Power-up theme in Kirby's Dream Land
KDL logo
Basic throbbersFy4oNOey0Q 25040px001iframe
Kabula (also Kaboola) is King Dedede's blimp and aerial fortress. She is fought once in Kirby's Dream Land, as the ninth boss in Kirby's Block Ball, once again at Mt. Dedede Sky during the events of Revenge of the King in Kirby Super Star Ultra, and at the research facility in Stage 4 of Gigabyte Grounds in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

In Kirby's first encounter with her, he fights with a Mint Leaf so the theme music that plays is the power-up theme. This tune was later remixed into her own musical theme in Revenge of the King and in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

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