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Mono Soarar is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a variant of Soarar.

Physical Appearance

Mono Soarar looks near identical to a regular Soarar, with the only difference being that it is a dark gray instead of yellow.


Kirby Mass Attack

Mono Soarar appears exclusively in Stage 7 of Green Grounds and Stage 4 of Dedede Resort. It does not carry fruit or medals like regular Soarars; Mono Soarar instead is hostile and will attack the player. It flies over the Kirbys, performs a half-somersault, then rushes straight down. Any heroes that are hit by this attack take damage. Like its counterpart, Mono Soarar is defeated if the player flicks a Kirby at it.

In Stage 4 of Dedede Resort, Soarars carry cards depicting Mono Soarar. If the Kirbys grab one, they are immediately ambushed by flocks of the enemy.


Mono Soarar's name likely comes from the word monochromatic, aka grayscale, referencing how the enemy is completely gray.