A missile is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Battle Royale.

Physical Appearance

A missile is a long, cylindrical explosive. It has a blue body, a pointed red cap, and two red fins. It is taller than Kirby.

A Golden Missile is a massive missile plated in sparkling gold. It has a rounded cap unlike the other explosives.


Kirby Battle Royale

Missiles appear exclusively in the Robo Bonkers game mode. Green boxes marked with missile symbols appear around the playing field. Breaking them open reveals the weapons, which the Kirbys can then pick up and carry. They stack upward when several are collected.

These weapons are crucial for defeating the aggressive robot Robo Bonkers. A Cannon marked with a missile symbol appears on the stage; this is a receptacle for missiles. The Kirbys must toss the explosives into this Cannon to have them fired at the robot. Standard missiles deal 300 points of damage.

On rare occasions, a Golden Missile appears from a box. This large weapon deals 1500 damage points to Robo Bonkers. The player who inflicts the most damage on the robot wins the game, so this item and its great attack power are highly sought after.

It should be noted that missiles are only used in half the game. When half of Robo Bonkers' health is depleted, he collapses onto the stage; now that he can be attacked directly, missiles stop appearing.


  • Notes from the ESRB that explain Kirby Battle Royale’s E10+ rating explicitly mention missiles, saying: "players can fire missiles from cannons..."[1]



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