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Mikarin & Kagamimocchi are a pair of characters that appear in Kirby's Dream Land 3. They appear in Cloudy Park's fourth stage. Mikarin ran away and Kagamimocchi felt lonely, so he asked Kirby to bring him back. In order to do so, Kirby must bring Coo all the way to the near end of the level. After Kirby defeats Jumper Shoot, he will enter a room with strong wind with Mikarin on the end of the platform. Kirby must use Coo to fly against the wind and catch Mikarin. Kagamimocchi will give them a Heart Star if they manage to bring Mikarin to the end of the level.

Physical Appearance

Mikarin is a small tangerine-like character with two beady eyes. Kagamimocchi is based on a kagami mochi, a rice cake. They both seem to have a strong bond with each other.


Mikarin's name is a portmanteau of "unshu mikan" and "Mandarin orange," both references to his appearance. Kagamimocchi's name comes from "kagami mochi," the type of rice cake it is based on.